People... Are... Disturbing.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. I happened to have the news on, which is rare, but it only happened because I was watching the NBA finals...
    Anyways... I seen two disturbing stories on there.

    First, 4 people: 2 men, 1 woman, and 1 unknown held a slow woman and her child hostage and made them do slave work for two years. She was beat, starved, and punished like a dog. They made her beat her child and video taped it and threatened her that if she goes to the police they will show the video and she will lose her child.

    Second, a group of men knocked on an elderly couple's door and the old man answered, they rushed in, beat him and his wife to near death, tied up the wife and through her in the trunk of the car and drove off. She was found, I believe hours later, still tied and in the trunk at a gas station where one of their credit cards were used.

    :dafuq: is wrong with people?
  2. The world is fucked. /thread
  3. #Illuminati
  4. These kind of people just need killing.
  5. I swear... Ohio just keeps getting worse and worse.
  6. The WORLD Britta, the WORLD! Say it with me. Thuh World!
    Shit like this happens everywhere, it's just not as main stream as it is in the U.S.
  7. I know it happens all over, everyday.. I just don't hear about it because I don't watch the news. I hate hearing about stuff like this. Its so sad that a human can be like an animal and hurt another human for no reason other than pleasure.
  8. It could be how he was raised or head trauma, you never know. TV and video games are also a factor, you just have to see how serious they take stuff.
  9. I'm guessing you don't watch Law and Order a lot then. :dawg:

    But yeah, shit like this happens everyday everywhere. Not even just our generations, shit as fucked up as this has been happened for awhile. I just don't think about it because once I do, I surely get pissed off. There's always going to be bad people, not much we can do but try and stop them.
  10. Video games have almost nothing to do with actual crimes, lmfao. :pity:
  11. I didn't mean that. :pity1:
    I meant those crazy gamers who kill their parents when they take away their console.
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  12. Oh, okay, nevermind. :dawg: That's true. :true:
  13. Most crimes actually happen by people that probably can't afford video games....
  14. :youdontsay:
  15. A few years ago a kid shot his parents over Halo 3... WTH is wrong with kids?
  16. Try to be more positive. Yes it's disturbing, but things like this and worse have been happening for thousands of years. At least these days it's actually illegal. Go back a couple hundred years and you could simply buy a slave, rather than abduct and imprison one.
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  17. No... I did say... Clearly. You quoted me.
  18. I guess so... Its just a hard shot to swallow. People can be even lesser than animals.
  19. Don't come between a kid and his gaming. duh!
    Same with Xanth and his food.
  20. #you #have #problems
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