People can be hurtful :/

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Im standing in line at Walmart tonight waiting for the line to move. A young kid stands in front of me with a cart full of odd and end things. No parent no adult or anyone else with him. He starts to unload his cart and you can see the wheels turn as he had left over money. Instead of grabbing sweets or drinks. This kid makes a mad dash for clothing. I asked him where if he got Christmas money or birthday money and he said not really. He had moved and was starting a new school. He had waffles. A new monopoly game, a football, 3 pairs of pants, socks, underwear and a few other things. After his mad dash the cashier stands and apologizes to me as I shy the apology off, he comes back with 3 shirts. He said that he didnt get much for Christmas and he needed clothes for school. He had 140.00 flipped out on the counter. Everything rang up to 144 and some change. He had to put something back. He could have put the clothes back. He could have put some pants back. No. He chose to put the game back. I told the cashier to stop and I flipped out a 5 dollar bill and laid it with his other money. The kid couldnt even say thank you as tears welled in his eyes. I said you're welcome kid and told him to work hard to play hard. He shook his head in agreement. The lady was giving me back the small change and I said that goes to him...she was shocked, the lady behind me was shocked that the kid would give up his game to make sure he kept his waffles and clothing. Kid almost made me cry.....dang....
  2. Jesus, that's sad. How old do you think he was?
  3. #ParentsOfTheYear

    I feel bad for kids like this who have to fen for themselves. He probably got money from his mother or father and was told to get whatever. A child should never be shopping by himself at walmart for one... Also shouldn't be walking around with $140... Someone could have easily robbed him.
  4. Probably 15 or 16.. no parents or anything.. I just don't understand how they could do that.
  5. Shouldn't blame the parents if you don't know them. Maybe his dad died and mom was bed ridden?
  6. Especially in my city. It's not exactly the safest place to be if you know what I mean. He was a pretty buff kid though. Not gonna lie.
  7. Sad thing, that's the kind of society we live in, a lot of parents don't take care of their kids properly.
  8. I live in Cleveland... :pity:
    Stuff gets pretty bad over here, specially for the kids.
  9. Kids can be extremely resilient despite the circumstances they live in which is simply remarkable. Hopefully he got home safely with all that!
  10. My good deed if the day was paying for the McDonald's meal for the cop car behind me in the drive thru!


    Few weeks later some jag off stole my Nintendo 3DSXL from my bag! True story
  11. Did you give him a lift home in your Dodge?
  12. That was nice of you. I'd do the same thing.
  13. No.. he made me wait in line. I was already in a hurry :pity1:

    EDIT: Who said I had a dodge? I don't even have a car. #Moped4Life
  14. :dafuq:
  15. Yeah, some people are twats.
  16. Copy and pasted from Facebook...
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  17. Fucking Lol.

  18. Uhm

    Why lie.

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