People say the WMD isn't a credible finisher?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Dec 24, 2011.

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    It's probably the most lifelike in the entire wwe.

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  2. The WMD is AWESOME.
  3. I just really don't like Big Show at all. I think the finisher is a terrible one for WWE. He could hit that any time he throws punches, so why would he throw punches to the chest, and all of that when he can just hit in the face? It's booked like an RKO (never kicked out of) etc.
  4. This looks real...
  5. I think it adds to the realism like in boxing the first punches are more powerful but don't cause a knockout its the weaker punches later on.
  6. Perhaps. Might just be my bias views towards Big Show that makes me hate this finisher. I much prefer the Chokeslam.
  7. I'm the opposite lol I've never been keen on his chokeslam I've always Kane or Vaders tbh. They seem less cushioned to me.
  8. I can agree to that, Kane's is the most devastating (my opinion). I actually LOVED it when Big Show used the spear.
  9. Damn just seen this spear on Evan Bourne by Big Show thats seriously brutal nearly as good as Goldbergs on Nunzio lol.

  10. Exactly. He used to do it even better, he bounced off the ropes and did his slow ass but powerful run and speared them. Was great. They ditched it though so now he just does shh slaps, punches to chest, punch downs and WMD. Lol.
  11. ^Big show did that Yesterday against The All American American Jack Swagger.
  12. We'll be seeing him do it a lot more in the near future, with his heel turn coming soon.