People these days are stupid as fuck.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Okay, So last night I logged on to facebook and saw this sluts status saying this.

    10 likes and ill answer;
    1. Virgin? No.
    2. Weight? Like 55kg :/
    3. Do i smoke? Yesm.
    4. Age mistaken for? Like 12 :L
    5. Actual age? 14.
    6. Tattoos? Nope.
    7. Piercings? Belly, nose and top of ear.
    8. Bestfriends? Just cutting out names.
    9. Relationship status? Singleee.
    10. A fact about my personality - im a bitch.
    11. What i love about myself? Probs my ass, it always gets compliments. :emoji_slight_smile:
    12. Do i want kids? YES!

    And she got 20+ likes on this piece of shit. Than today another slut did the exact same thing basically and everybody hated on her. I agree with them hating on her for it but why not the first girl? I mean I know her personally, Not good friends or anything, We were but now she's a whore so I'm like fuck off bitch :haha:
    Anyway they were both 13 years fucking old when they lost their virginitys....13 years old. Are kids these days honestly this fucking stupid and then they post it on Facebook for all their family to see as well? Dumb sluts like this make me want to punch babies.

    To be completely honest I don't have a problem with them having sex, It's their choice, I'm not someone who likes judging people from their mistakes or choices because I've done some pretty stupid things in my past. (Mainly drugs.) But the thing that gets to me the most about this, Is that people actually post this shit on facebook and then get applauded for it with 20+ likes or abused for it.

    Whores these days need to grow the fuck up. Makes me lose faith in "Children are the future" because if we're the future then I think this world will end up pretty fucking stupid.

  2. People these days are stupid as F***.

    Fucking kids today. I'm 18, virgin, and not have any holes. All joking aside, I don't catch anything sexual the best thing about my body, and she does sound like a bitch. A lot of people are reckless these days, underage kids getting drunk, having children, it's like they don't think what might happen tomorrow. I'm up for living for the moment, it's what I do, but I also think, what might happen tomorrow, because if I wanted to, I could call a couple of girls I know and fuck them, I could sneak out some vodka and get drunk, I could get high, but it's not worth it all.I don;t fully blame them, the parents have some blame in it too, but also they can think for themselves too. People just need to calm down and focus on other things, I'm not sure if it's just America or like this all over the world, but the people who are doing this need to calm the fuck down.
  3. People these days are stupid as F***.

    Exactly like that in Australia. It's fucking stupid.

    I was judged heaps for smoking weed a year back and then people like that and at that age can just go on Facebook posting about having lost their virginity...

    I mean I'm pretty fucking stupid but at least I think before I act.
  4. People these days are stupid as F***.

  5. The thing is if a guy posted that he'd probably be branded as a 'lad' or whatever by his mates.

    I don't worry about the future of our kids at all. My Mum gave birth to me at 16 which could definitely be branded as 'reckless' and 'irresponsible' but she still went on to get 4 A grades and 1 B grade in her highers, before getting a University degree in English - so I'm not too worried about the future even if kids are losing their virginity early, it has no relevance IMO. I drink and gamble - regularly but not seriously - and I'm pretty sure I'll turn out to be okay.

    A lot of kids these days are just unfortunate that Facebook got created. Youths of the past were able to make a tit out of themselves without hundreds of people reading it.

    Seriously, Kids of the 70s, 80s and 90s etc would have done the exact same thing had Facebook existed back then.
  6. People these days are stupid as F***.

    I just find it stupid, I mean get some self respect or something?

    And that's the same as my brother in law. He and my sister had their first kid when he was 16. Just 13 is too young. That's when I'm disgusted, I believe 15 at the earliest. Not 12 or 13 like it is these days.
  7. People these days are stupid as F***.

    They were out and open about it back in the day still. Not hundreds of people watching it, but a lot of people bragged about what they did. And getting drunk at your age is bad. Quit it now or you're getting a spanking.
  8. RE: People these days are stupid as F***.

    I rarely drink, Maybe once every few months. I try to be responsible with my drinking that way I don't end up an alcoholic.
  9. RE: People these days are stupid as F***.

    Same here :urm:

    That's what I'm saying Farooq, they would've broadcast it as well just they didn't have the option to do it in such a manor.
  10. People these days are stupid as F***.


    Where are the innocents?
  11. We need more people like you in the world Hannah!
  12. People these days are stupid as F***.

    No we need more people like me! All you sinners are going to hell!! You need to call upon our lord and savior for forgiveness!!
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  13. People these days are stupid as F***.

    Of course, @[R'Albin]. :emoji_wink:)
  14. People these days are stupid as F***.

    Where's the reset button for humanity? Can somebody please press it?
  15. RE: People these days are stupid as F***.

  16. RE: People these days are stupid as F***.

    I pressed it and nothing happened. Were you trying to fucking trick me?!?! :dafuq:
  17. People these days are stupid as F***.

    It's all over my FB too. I just ignore them now.
  18. RE: People these days are stupid as F***.

    Let's be honest though, at least it's more interesting than constant Drake quotes and ugly people moaning about how girls get likes on their photos 'Only bcuz they got there tits out!!1!!!11'
  19. People these days are stupid as F***.

    I pressed the button, smiled, and went for a walk. Got to the corner store and saw some walking by, texting, who walked flat into a building.
    I lol'ed but clearly the button didn't work, so I walked back to find all the stuff in my house was gone... so the button was to reset my life but nobody else's minds?

    Damned heel Farooq. :((
  20. People these days are stupid as F***.

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