People WWE has in the wrong role

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  1. 1.) Booker T as an authority figure instead of on commentary- Now look, I was watching Smackdown regularly when Booker became a full time commentator. I sat through the worst of the worst from he but watched as he improved and became a favorite of mine. He is pointless as the GM and needs to go back to commentating SDs/being the 3rd man for PPVs

    2.) Jerry Lawler as commentator instead of retired legend- no explanation needed. Go away

    3.) AJ Lee as a valet instead of a divas division wrestler

    4.) Justin King as a simple ref instead of a manager- Simply put, Justin King's charisma & swag would make him one of the greatest managers of all time.

    add yours
  2. Jack Swagger as world title contender at Wrestlemania instead of guy who should be on the pre-show at best.
  3. Daniel Bryan should be higher up on the card.
  4. Brodus Clay as a monster heel instead of a dancing fool

    The Miz as anything else instead of a wrestler :jeritroll:
  5. Ziggler with the stupid MITB briefcase instead of with the title
  6. ADR as a face instead of heel.
  7. ADR is a natural face. His heel character was forced and one dimensional.

    At least now his face character is natural and one dimensional.
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  8. Titus O'Neil carrying Black Cena as part of a little tag team instead of being a star on his own.

    Rhodes Scholars being a tag team instead of being strongly-booked heels :haha:
  9. Dislike the face character for him. I miss him yelling DESTINY, showing off his cars, ARMBAR to everyone during feuds (more hostile), treating Ricardo like a slave (using Ricardo as a sheild), those funny Mexican terms he uses to make fun of others and the way he says it etc.
  10. I guess so. Just when he is performing in the ring or speaking he seems much more comfortable now then before. I also like his moveset much more as a face.
  11. Wade Barrett, His gimmick and the amount of times he just takes crap from people. He should be Kicking ass and Taking names.
  12. Bryan should be playing the arrogant, conniving and opportunistic heel character he had leading up to Wrestlemania. Or a similarly booked face (arrogant).
  13. Ziggler shouldn't be a glorified jobber.
    Daniel Bryan shouldn't be Santino v2.
  14. What about DZ's role as a jobber is glorified to you? He is a straight up jobber
  15. He occasionally gets a title.
  16. Titles of the jobber division. Yippee
  17. :lol1: Thought this was a Rammy thread. Nice job D'Z.
  18. DB, Ziggler (shouldn't be stuck with AJ and Big E), Barrett as well. Sandow and Rhodes jobbing is also pretty bad.
  19. AJ let her wrestle . Not fuck up guys.
  20. The entire mid-card as jobbers instead of, ya know, mid-carders.
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