Pep Guardiola announced as new Bayern Munich manager

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Robbie Coletrain, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. And will take over in July. Just been announced on SSN. Well, did not expect that tbh, I know there has been rumors but I thought he would come to England, well good luck to him I suppose, I'm pretty disappointed.:sad1:
  2. Good, that means City can't have him. Also means he will come to United after SAF has retired.
  3. Yeah, wonder who they'll get now, but one thing's for sure they can't stick with Mancini, that guy's a train wreck imo.
  4. I actually really like Mancini :okay:
  5. Lol, I don't know he just seems to get more and more cocky with every match gone by, and considering how badly they are doing he shouldn't be, he should be doing way better with the team he has imo
  6. Yeah I don't listen to him when he's boasting about his team, just most of the time he's quite funny and laid back in his interviews lol.
  7. Lmao united will not get Guardiola. Mourinho will be the next manager of United. Good luck to Pep though, saw a stat earlier on SSN before the news broke when he was talking about FA 150 year celebration, in 4 years at Barca he lost 21/28 times (can't rememeber which) out of over 240 games. Incredible. A 72% win ratio.
  8. I see you have been speaking to Dave Meltzer again.
  9. I do think that guardiola is not gonna be as succesful in munich ad he was in barca
  10. Wait and see pal. Wait and see.
  11. I actually agree that Mourinho will probably be the next manager, his Real Madrid contract expires near the suggested time SAF will retire. However, Pep & Sir Alex are very good friends (Sir Alex went out to New York just to have dinner with him) and Pep loves a club with history who play the right way, hence why he has gone to Bayern Munich instead of where he wanted to manage - the premier league. The Man United job isn't available, so Pep isn't interested :obama:

    Mourinho or Guardiola will take the greatest job in football though, not a bad future for United fans.

    Note: I would equally love Moyes to take over.
  12. Was hoping he be the next Arsenal manger :jeritroll:
  13. :lol1:
  14. Lol @ Bayern. The red face of Hoeness will be fun to watch after BVB snatches the BL title next season.
  15. Bundesliga is one of my most favourite things to say :otunga:
  16. You a BVB fan? Thought you were a Bayern fan?
  17. great move its good to see he isnt purly motivated by money like some are and id love moyes to get the man utd job has shown incredible loyalty over the years something that is vital i think for the next manager which mourinho hasnt shown over the years
  18. Looks like ITV analysts agree with me, that he'll be at Bayern for around 3 years and leave to take the United job. Seems to be the most common opinion.
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