Pep rumoured to be leaving Barca.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Apr 26, 2012.

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    So what do you think is it possible he'd leave in the near future?
  2. Yep Sky Sports said the same. Hats off to him to be honest, what a manager and what a person. He'll go on a break and return.

    Managing Barca or Madrid = hardest job in the world. They receive so much pressure from media.

    Pep himself is a quiet family man, he's balded and gained weight since managing - not joking. He's had so much success but still has to deal with stupid pathetic political owners. He needs to be more like Mourinho really, the "Do what I say or I'll leave" attitude, which he has undertaken this year. Pep was smart and never signed over a 1 year contract, ever, that's the one thing he kept. Allowing him to make a move like this.

    In my opinion, we've seen the end of Barca's dominance. All we can say as football fans is thank you, because behind the cheating they're the best club team to ever have graced our football pitches.
  3. New manager has been announced.
  4. I would leave too if Torres has scored a goal to me.
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  7. GFUN

    Or else lets care about the NBA PLAYOFFS!
  8. Football > NBA > NFL
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