Perfect Jr.: Best theme in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Could listen to this shit all morning. So glad they let him use a remixed version of his Dad's theme. Sounds great IMO.

    Now that ADR's theme is ruined I can't think of many themes that are better than this. Henry maybe.
  2. Very smart move by WWE.
  3. I dig bray wyatt's and punk's is also great
  4. Punk's is so unfit for a heel though. He needs to go back to this

    I hate Punk but that is a helluva theme
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  5. HHH has a pretty cool theme. Hard to top Motorhead :true:
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  6. If Punk still had his previous theme, he'd easily have the best music of anyone. Curtis Axel's might currently be the best.
  7. Cult of Personality > this. Bray's theme is better too, I'm tempted to throw Swaggers in too.
  8. What Farooq said.
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    But yeah, this is cool as fuck.

    Also, Punk's best theme was "South of Heaven". Hands down.

    An unforseen future nestled somewhere in time...
    Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs...
    Judgment day the second coming arrives...
    .Before you see the light you must DIEEEEEE
  10. Fuck yes it's the best theme right now! I'll punch anyone who thinks otherwise :tough:
  11. Swagger's is mad overrated and I'm not counting NXT themes. COP is a great song but so unfitting for Punk's current character I can't count it as a great theme currently.
  12. Official Titantron 100%. Name on it says Michael McGuilicutty. :pity2:
  13. Fantastic theme, but Christians is still better. Punks previous one is better as well, I miss that so much.

    I'd rank this #2.
  14. Epic theme got a epic reworking,just wish they had him use the hennig name instead of this Axel Foley shit
  15. I like Randy Ortons.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Pahahaha.
  18. Maybe not the best, but it's high up there.
  19. It's indeed a great theme, they did an awesome job on that.
  20. Not gonna lie, big fan of PTP's theme. Not for the lyrics, mostly for the intro, but I agree that Curtis' theme is badass
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