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  1. I was kind of thinking a little bit ago-I was listening to my Queen's Greatest Hits 2 cd collection-and one of my all time favorite songs on that is "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS" and though I know the song may seem a bit "overused" at times.
    If you really stop and listen closely to the words and give it some major thought-these guys that all hold belts-Sheamus,Punk,and others-aside from their normal theme songs that play when they come out-anytime they come out and the minute they get in the ring and are up on that rope greeting the crowd and audience and holding up their belts-that song should play every time.
    It's because of all the things these guys go through to get those belts-the injuries,losses,exhaustion,just as Triple H said about how these guys put all that they've got in order to give the world entertainment and the more I think about that speech he made-the more it would just seem so fitting for all the legends and hardworking wrestlers with the belt-as a show of gratitude,respect,honor,and pride-that song should play the second they arrive in the ring-just a thought.
  2. Having one song for all the champions takes away from the fact that they are individuals and individual champions.

    The queen song is about team sports (good old European football most likely considering that they are English). Wrestling is an entertainment industry where every wrestler needs to stand out, champions more than anyone else. To have all champions come out to the same song makes that harder for the wrestlers.
  3. Mentioning Queen without using this smilie is punishable by ban :win:
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  4. :win:Sorry-lol,my mistake,my bad,won't happen again-lol, I do understand what people are basically saying about each wrestler needs to have their own individual theme song and I get that-I do-for when they are coming down the ramp into the rung,but by the time they hit the ring the song has either stopped or is already over-I was just thinking for when they get in the ring-when they are greeting the audience standing on the ropes showing off their belts-have their theme song play when they come down the ramp and then play the :win:QUEEN SONG-WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS once their theme song is done and they are in the ring on the ropes greeting the audience and showing off their belts.

    Let's ask 3 legends what they think:




    WELL GUYS? WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Like I said-it was just a thought I had and am curious to know what you all think.
  5. There was a theme song for all champions at one point actually on Raw, here it is :tough: click me
  6. I mean...maybe for a promo with all champions, but not to come down to. That song is too soft for guys like Punk and Sheamus.

    And Sheamus is not a champion, he's an ass kisser.
  7. You boss. :boss1:
  8. I understand where youre coming from but i think it would be best for them to keep their own songs
  9. :win:I agree, I just was thinking and well-I wanted to put my creative ideas to the test-lol, I wanted to see what my creative strengths really are and what they aren't,so it's kind of nice to get that feedback back,I like to always know what my strengths and weaknesses are creatively and artistically-that's why I asked the professionals-lol.
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