Perfect Time to Bring Back Tommy "Crimson" Mercer Back to the Main Roster

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. As you may or may not know, Cowboy James Storm squashed his 470 days undefeated streak back at Slammiversary X show in June earlier this year, and thus, Crimson was scrapped of the TNA TV and sent down to OVW developmental, where he instantly became the main heel the company and the World Champion, and is feuding with Rob Terry now (lulz, yeah).

    So, I'm thinking right now, James Storm is done with Roode now, is searching for a feud, why not bring the great Crimson back? It's perfect time. He should be looking for revenge, and Storm can still hold his red hot momentum. New gimmick for Crimson also is a good option, I feel.

  2. Nice idea. But that streak ending was so bad. At least match could be better and longer. You're right. There can be Storm vs Hardy for the title and Hardy wins thanks to interference by Crimson.
  3. There is no bad time to bring back Crimson, this time's just better than most!
  4. Would be a good idea, we need more people for TNA right now, and Crimson is the perfect guy to do it. Roode can go for the world championship, and Storm can feud with Crimson, and hopefully Crimson would go over.
  5. Would love to see Crimson back with a new gimmick, but I'm not a fan of feeding him to Storm.
  6. A Crinsom vs Storm feud wouldn't be bad, it'll be interesting. You've made a good point as to Storm keeping his momentum - even if Storm loses he's still got that thrust and you've added Crinsom back into the roster.
  7. He'd be a perfect muscle for Aces & Eights.
  8. Ugh, want him to have smoothing more special than that.
  9. Hey, anything is better than going from an 470 days undefeated boss in Impact Wrestling to OVW Heavyweight Champion.
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