Other Performing beyond their years.

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    Huge pic but Cole is sexy
    I was stalking MachinimaPalooza or however you spell it after forgetting my log in details there and came across a thread in their Indy / Puro section in which it was mentioned Cole was 23 years old, I was actually shocked by this so I looked it up and the fucker was born in 89.

    Now story time is over let's get onto the purpose of this thread who are performers who shocked you given how easily they've taken to the business, I'm expecting names like Brock and Rock to be mentioned but can we keep it Indie only? I'll throw Steen out there, he was entertaining in PWG in 2005 when he was a similar age to Cole and look how that turned out, although he lacked charisma at the time his ring work was exceptional.

    So which wrestlers have impressed you despite being very early on in their careers?
  2. El Generico/Sami Zayn. Same age as Steen and travelled roughly the same roads.
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