Perfumes and cologne

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. So gentlemen, let's talk cologne and men's perfumes. That pleasant smell that we were to show some class and freshness.

    Which is your favorite? Any particular brands?

    I lean towards Boss and Armani.


    This one is a favorite.

    What about you guys?
  2. Again, this forum is going to the dogs

    Can a lad explain why they would want to smell like a bloody women
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  3. [​IMG]
    The cologne of my choice.
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  4. Are you saying you smell like a trash can, lad?
  5. You lads are turning into this

  6. said in the past

    quick bath once a week and spray of lynx before a night out is all i needs
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  7. That's disgusting. Gonna go take a shower and put on some CK for men.
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  8. all that is needed

    you lads do not get the difference between B.O and musk

    musk is the smell that lads naturally have which women crave

    fragernce just gets rid of it, makes you seem fruity and ego-mancial
  9. I've never once used cologne and never will.
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  10. Just ordered some Ralph Laurent by recommendation of my good boy @Shabang.

    Also gonna go have a shave and a shower. Probably full upper body.
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  11. Green is a good choice, tell me how you like it.

    I could use a good hair cut, it's been getting kinda scraggly.
  12. I went to a legit barber last week. Splendid results. Classy haircut by a real pro. Well worth it.
  13. The only legit barber I know lives about half an hour away from me, I heard she's good so it could be worth it.
  14. Plays I went to was a men's barbershop. All male staff, specialist in cuts for men. Also did shaving with straight razor.

    I know @seabs is into kinky stuff like that
  15. Men are the best barbers imo women tend to be more into hairdressing styles. Straight razor is the way to go the shaves are fantastic. I'm also rocking either CK obsession,Diamonds,code or 1 million as my main smelly shit.
  16. I think it's just a local owned shop that's not really gender specific. It'd be nice to find a men's barbershop though.
  17. So, they can be appealing to the general public. Perfume is also considered a professional/proper thing. If you use scented shampoo your putting on perfume as the scent is classified as such.
  18. My shampoo smells of coconut, id prefer a bacon one tbh but I usually get compliments about how soft my hair is.
  19. I buy the kiddy ones, and mix it with my soap. Smells so good.
  20. I'm far too masculine to use a child's shampoo. I'd use their tears
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