Football Perhaps the easiest way to determine who has the right to call their sport "Football"

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  1. [​IMG]

    And the fact that football (soccer) is played with feet... and a ball. I'm not saying let's rename American Football to "hand-egg", but let's just call it AMERICAN football :gary:.
  2. American Footballs actual name is Gridiron so they could just call it that, Gridiron sounds cool anyway so I don't see why they don't.
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  3. Gridiron is a horrible, horrible name. Sounds like a race-track company.
  4. What type of queer-boi don't like some good old race-track
  5. I don't see why it bothers you so much lol. different people call different shit by different names. you should be more tolerant lad
  6. Still calling it soccer
  7. Love how Crayo didn't explain what the image is meant to show
  8. yea I assumed it would break down who called soccer what, not just the most popular sport by country
  9. ^ I thought that too. Then I was going to say that America dominates all the other countries.

    Soccer 4 lyfe
  10. Because it's well complicated bro. I can give you some bullet points to help you understand if you want lad.
  11. Football - played with your feet and a ball
    American football - played with your hands and an egg-shaped contraption.
  12. you've never done an athletic thing in your life. your vote doesn't count
  13. Who the hell told you that?
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  14. I've been told that Gridiron is called football because the ball's length was a foot.
  15. Yeah, I'm with Danny. Gridiron sounds stupid as fuck. Playing ON the gridiron makes more sense to me, but even then.. eh
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  16. I live in America.. [​IMG] = Football and [​IMG] = Soccer, end of story.
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  17. Well, this covers it. Good talk
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  18. Thread can be closed.
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