Perhaps this has gone too far.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 19, 2013.

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    This needs to stay in one thread or something. I don't want the Locker Room filled up with this stuff. Whoever is in charge of it, can you please negotiate some kind of structure?

    Edit: made this thread after seeing the one in the suggestions section. I could perhaps have a sub-forum in "Be The Booker" for it all; separate threads would then be allowed.
  2. Could you make a "WWEF Titles" section?
  3. I agree with the sub-forum idea, we can have it in the "Be The Booker" section.
  4. I agree fuck all this shit
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  5. Yeah, great idea, should be a nice section and very useful
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    Dont cry, haircut.
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  7. It's own section would be nice. Although Britta is expanding this stuff more than it should be.

  8. 4 Britta threads, 1 of them are mine. :pity2:
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  10. lool they're all brit's. :pity1:
  11. I was asked to make a few, so I did. I won't post anymore match title whatever things. Other people can do that.
    Guess this means I am in the NFL. :pity:
  12. It doesn't matter who posts them lol. This wasn't aimed at you or anyone, it was just those title threads are such big hits around here (and I didn't expect that) and the Locker Room wasn't the place for them any more due to how many threads were required.

    You have your own section for them now. You can create as many as you want :yay:.
  13. THANK YOU!
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