Personal Best Moment of 2012

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. As it says ur best moment of 2012

    Mine soppy but getting with the girlfriend in July.
  2. N'awww

    Well now I think about it, despite being a good enough year, not much has happened exactly. Either paragliding in Italy or beating Aberdeen in the SC semi final is mine, the latter was so emotional :upset:
  3. Id say paragliding a pretty sweet moment to be fair mate.
  4. Yeah it was pretty amazing!
  5. Was it expensive? Out if interest?
  6. I think (I may be totally making this up) it was something like £50? My Grandad paid for us together and I think it was roughly that. If you're thinking about it then yeah you defo should, it was amazing.
  7. Yeah defo something I wanna do. Might try for my birthday next year as its in April so not long.
  8. WWE House Show back in May comes to mind :haha:
  9. It would be eating my curry tonight. By far the best moment of this year.
  10. What curry lad? Always a good moment tbf.
  11. Every payday.
  12. I hate paydays as it drives me insane seeing how much the taxman takes.
  13. Holiday in Spain. Great times. :smug:
  14. I'm having two as The Stone Roses gig was pretty special as well.
  15. But... SHOPPING :yay:
  16. I know shopping is always good.
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