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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Forrest OAKADA, Jan 1, 2016.

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  1. Yo, folks, it's your homeboy F-Dawg, also known as Forrest...

    Every year, I like to evaluate what games I've played that game out in the year and then put them into a little list of my favourites and was wondering if anyone had any other lists such as this. So, 'gamers', put your lists below and I guess I'll start:

    Forrest's Top 10:





    Fifa 16

    I get bored and play Pro Clubs with friends or Career Mode. Career has improved from 14, which I last played, and the Pro Clubs is fun, especially when the disfigured player scores a hat trick in thirty minutes.

    Football Manager 2016

    Haha, FM 2016 is #5 because I've actually put time into this failing as Anderlecht. More challenging then it's predecesors, it actually challenges you to build a good tactic and squad together, no matter the team.

    The Witcher 3

    Listen, I know nothing about the Witcher universe and have played this game for an hour or so and honestly...the Combat isn't great imo. Apart from that, the RPG, story and dialogue in the game is the shining part of it, which is why it's #4

    Fallout 4

    A bit biased on my list but it's my list. I enjoy the exploration of Fallout's land, especially when it comes to the commonwealth, a place referenced in FO3. The different locations and quests are interesting to do but as time goes on, the combat does get weary and with stripped RPG

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Man, The Combat in the Arkham series is great and by now, I have the controls down right after City but man, the story in Knight, although I have not finished it, is good. Batmobile can be annoying at times but it's not as bad now and No, I haven't included the PC version in the list, this is the Xbox version.


    1. Undertale

    If you've recognised my Avatar or talked to me on Skype, you'd know Undertale has been my fav game of the year. Created by Toby Fox, this is an Earthbound like RPG, complete with unique monsters and a unique feature...a Spare feature, meaning you don't have to kill everyone in the game (although, if Genocide is your thing, I won't judge you.) The music in this game is probably the best bit with the characters being a close second. The combat is essentially RPG mixed with Bullet Hell, but not too much of a hell, allowing you to finish each section. Boss battles are also fun and the multiple endings are worth it.
  2. 1. Witcher 3
    2. Life is Strange
    3. Until Dawn
    4. MGSV
    5. Rainbow Six

    That's about it, haven't played many games this year. I'll pick up Fallout one of these days.
  3. Shit, I forgot about RS:S, I need to see about getting that sometime.
  4. Definitely the best multiplayer game this year, in its genre anyways. Hopefully CoD took some notes, more tactical options and less teleportation.
  5. I had like a 50 pound gift card so I got Battlefront and Halo 5 on its way but Siege is probably going to be on my list when I get paid next. I wasn't so sure because I though people would easily mess up your tactical plan and be general dick heads.
  6. If you have the chance then you should at least play with one person you know, you ought to have some communication. If you do go in alone just don't try to get in your team's way, they can kill you too. It doesn't happen for no reason too often, unless you're just pretty bad at the game. You shouldn't be after the couple of intro missions, but your first couple of online games will be rough.
  7. Does it have to be games released in 2015, or games I bought and played for the first time in 2015 (despite the release date)? If the former, I played nothing lol.
  8. Pokemon
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  9. I played nothing that came out in 2015. lol
  10. We could do that instead, if it's easier. I thought with the games out in 2015, there would be some choice between them.
  11. Did Game of Thrones come out this year? Cause if so it'd probably make Seige drop to no.6. I'm quick to shit on TellTale's games, but it was awesome. Up there with TWD's season 1 for me, when it comes to their games.

    Also, I recently started Arkham Knight. That'll probably crack the list as well.
  12. Witcher 3
    Arkham Knight
    King's Quest

    In some kind of order
  13. Fallout 4
    Rainbow 6: Siege
    Fifa 16
    Final Fantasy xv Demo...
  14. Oh and of course Football Manager 16!!!
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