Petey Williams Signs with TNA?

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    Now put the X Division Title on him, TNA!
  2. So Petey and probably Sonjay Dutt are signed, that's two MAJOR acqusitions for the division. The ACTIVE X Division now looks to be:

    - Kenny King
    - Zema Ion
    - Petey Williams
    - Sonjay Dutt
    - Christian York

    Plus OVW guys: Rockstar Spud, Alex Silva, Sam Shaw.
    Injured ones: Jesse Sorensen & Chris Sabin.
    Part-timers: Mason Andrews, Rubix, Rashad Cameron.
    The guys who can compete in it: Doug Williams, Joey Ryan, Eric Young, Robbie E, Kazarian, Daniels, Austin Aries, Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Chavo Guerrero.
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  3. Hopefully Petey wins the X Division championship.
  4. Oh holy shit yes! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! Oh hell yeah! YES! OH THANK YOU JESUS! (And Dixie, Too) PETEY! YES! WOO HOO! And all of that shit!

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  5. Lil' Petey Pump :jeritroll: :yay:
  6. :dafuq:

    Biggest "lolwut" since... well, the last time you started spamming random sh*t
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  7. I was just being happy about Petey being back :okay:
  8. Good signing TNA. Williams and Dutt is a good start to a new x-Division.
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  9. This is amazaballs.

    Now what was this thread about? Oh yeah Petey, good acquisition for the division now bring in Jigsaw and Chuckie T (he'd give some pretty dope personality to the division, a damn good wrestler too. I doubt Gabe would let him go though, especially since he's tied down for another year :emoji_grin:AMN: )
  10. Chuckie T in the X-Division would be dope. But as you said. If Gabe let him go is another issue. Gabe lets guys go to the E all the time but I'm not sure on TNA.
  11. If they offered him a decent contract plus the chance to be on national TV regularly I don't think he'd stand in their way, the last I've seen of it was he signed a 2 year deal in November 2012 so it's incredibly unlikely either way.
  12. Yeah. Pay and TV time would be key for Gabe letting someone hop to TNA. I remember reading an interview with him were he talked about letting guys go to WWE and such. He said as long as they got guaranteed money monthly he would let them go but under TNA's old pay method (not sure if it is still just per appearance) he didn't feel good sending people to TNA and they would risk not getting payed when he could provide for them himself. Or something like that.
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  13. Fantastic news! Love me some Petey!
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  14. Oh, yeah, that's right... Forgot

    PETEY! :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
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  15. Petey signed? :awyeah:
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  16. :steiner: must be proud of his old protege!
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