Petition surfaces online about Brock Lesnar being booked for Tribute to the Troops

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Sep 18, 2015.

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  1. You know, seeing that Lesnar went to Japan and actually wrestled on a house show that was broadcasted, and is going to appear at MSG in a few weeks for a house show, Tribute to the Troops would be a great event for Lesnar to show up at and have a match at, even if it is broadcasted on television. I just signed the petition for him being booked for the show and I hope that others here do the same.
  2. Yeah, it'd be a cool thing for the soldiers if they got to see Brock dismantle someone, but online petitions are stupid and never really accomplish anything.
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  3. There have been petitions that have worked.

    Success stories on iPetitions

    I'm not sure if this one will, but I do think it would be a good thing of WWE to book Brock for the show.

    Against Rusev.
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  4. I doubt anything will come out of this, but it'd be a sweet deal getting Brock for TTTT.
  5. I'm specifically talking about when it comes to wrestling, or perhaps any television show for that matter.

    Believe it or not, people actually tried to get a petition going over a decade ago to get HHH removed from the world title picture (this was during his infamous reign of terror from 2002-2005.) Needless to say, it was laughed off. I can also swear there's been a couple of others at some pome point in the past decade, even though none are springing to mind at the moment. There was also a fairly popular character on The Walking Dead that was killed off just last year and a petition was instigated to try and convince the showrunners to bring them back, but alas, it didn't work.

    Given Brock is already working squash matches on house shows, there's a fairly decent chance they may have him work the Tribute To The Troops show anyway (although it's largely dependent on if he wants to travel over there into hostile territory), so a petition might prove to be unnecessary.
  6. You make the petition? lol
  7. I don't think Brock would be swayed by an online petition, which is key here. It's about what Brock wants to do. The only reason Brock worked the Japan show was because he wanted to go to an MMA show in Japan and he could write the travel off as a work expense by working the show.
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  8. Christ, some people will petition any old shit.
  9. Will you sign my bring back Coca Cola Lime petition pretty please?
  10. HA, what a douche
  11. That's Brock for you. He's very open about loving the wrestling itself, but hating all the stuff around it like appearances, the travel and such. This is the same man who in his first run with the company bought his own jet with his own money so he wouldn't have to spend time in baggage claim/check points etc. Also this is the same man who lives on a farm way up in the Canadian wilds with the closest phone being located like 5 miles away and the only one who knows the number is Paul Heyman.
  12. This is why I don't like Brock much. He's in it for himself. Lesnar the fighter/wrestler is a true beast and talented as hell, but as a person he seems pretty shitty IMO. Like the polar opposite of John Cena. I'm on the "John Cena Sucks" side of the chant, but as a person he seems pretty down to earth and wants to reach out to fans and stuff (hence the record number of granted wishes).
  13. I understand Brock being a loner as a person, and he is his gimmick in full. The last caveman. But yeah, he's only in love with the business in part. Cena is in love with it in full and does it all.
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  14. Ofc!
  15. I think I'm the only one who preferred Coca Cola Vanilla over everything.
  16. Cherry coke is the only coke I like. The rest taste awful. I'm a pepsi max addict.
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  17. I was always a Pepsi product guy. Except for root beer. Cause Barq's has bite! :happy:
  18. I'm trying to trap down hard on the sodas right now personally, because I used to drink way too much (could easily put down 1,5 liters in a day). Barely drink more than 1 liter in a month now.
    But I'm a coke guy since childhood who transferred to team Dr. Pepper as an adult.
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