Petition to get Cenanuff/Borton/Myqueerio removed from top left of banner

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Nobody wants to see that shit. So post here if you agree they should be replaced (everyone has to agree there) and who you would put in their place

    1.) Ziggler- obviously
    2.) Brock- beast mode
    3.) Jericho- best in the world

    Other suitable replacements: Rhodes, Christian, Johnny Ace, Ratings Henry, or Funkasaurus
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  2. I'm happy enough with them, though my choices would be Ziggler/Bryan/Punk. Just anything but the trio of doom.
  3. I'd rather have the three faces of Ace than anything else.
    The raddest dude on the planet.

    The transition from wrestling machine to classy business man

    Mr excitement
  4. Ziggler, HHH and Jericho.
  5. I'm okay with this.


    We don't need HHH's crusty old ass as the face of the forum
  6. What? Dude looks sharp..

    Show Spoiler


    When was the middle pic? When he was blonde..
  7. I'd rather give the spot to someone who wrestles more than twice a year.
  8. Ugh I may as well reveal the surprise. The header (the top for new forumers) is completely changing. Everything you see there, will practically be different. There will be a massive space for an image, a really nice image, I'll take this thread into consideration when choosing the wrestlers. Jericho will be on there since I'm bias, Brock will too, unsure on #3. Rhodes, Dolph, Miz, Brodus, Punk, Bryan etc are all possible. In fact, there might be more than three this time (most likely).

    I promise you you'll love it. New top links, new hovers, new effects. Not free ofc but I love you guys and we've had generous donations this month. #Homo #AllGoesBackIntoTheSite
  9. Ace or riot.
  10. Cena and Sheamus FTW. I have been a john cena fan since he began his debut in wwe. Same with Sheamus.
  11. Awesome !

    I now feel guilty for ruining the surprise and not contributing :emoji_slight_frown:

    Still.. awesomeness :emoji_grin:
  12. Jericho and Brock ftw.

    Now just add the best thing WWE has going for it and we'll be all set


    on an unrelated note I just stumbled across this image and found it hilarious:

  13. Dolph doesn't really have a cool static image though, I'd love to use him, I'm becoming such an obsessive mark over him the more I see him as are many of the IWC, I just can't see it being awesome to look at. Despite Cena being hated by a lot, he's got that marketable popular face. They think "Oh Cena is on header, this must be a WWE forum named, I'm stupid".

    So yeah, decisions. Not of relevance yet though, want to get the design nailed down first. We can always change wrestlers when needed.

    Btw, that image is GOAT. Use it for an avatar.
  14. @[R'Albin] did Punk wear that to honor Savage?
  15. Yeah he did, he used to be his favourite wrestler when he was young.
  16. Someone should, but I'm taking my Ziggler mustache avatar to the grave with me.


    lmao, this is great [​IMG]
  17. I know :laugh:
  18. Dolph Ziggler appreciation thread here we come.
  19. The banner should be 1: Jeff Hardy 2: HBK 3: Stone Cold
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