Petition to give uploaders their username colour back.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. I know there's only like, me, and sometimes @[Big Hoss Rambler] that uploads but we deserve our name to go back to that awesome blue colour, please.

    Xanth removed it. Crayo said he couldn't because Xanth is in charge.
    That's like Vince saying he can't have input to scripts because Stephanie is in charge. :gusta:

    Please Crayo & Xanth?
  2. Stephanie is below Vince in every way. Xanth and I are partners.

    Anyway, we have too many colours as it is. It must be so confusing for new members here, lol.
  3. Since win is Xanth in charge? Last time I check Crayo was in charge! If Xanth was truthly in charge don't you think I would kick off this site by now?

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  4. Farooq
    There I signed
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  5. Solution: bar across the bottom with a legend. :burns:


  6. Xanth loves you.
  7. No he hate me! And I don't love anyone on here! I ownly love woman!
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  8. Lmao believe me, I've yelled at Xanth so many times in Skype for his user-management. He's got a lot better. I think nearly all of you would be banned if original Xanth was roaming around. As I said, Xanth and I are partners. What he says goes.

    Just to clarify, my graphic knowledge is lower than retarded. Xanth at least can tell what's nice and what's not. He's in control.
  9. :yes:
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  10. :upset::upset::upset:


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  11. Group owners pay for their own user colour. As do legends/superstars -- not fair on them to give Uploaders them. Why not request something like stars? :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. No? Ur the 1 who made/founded the site so does that not make you in charge?
  13. Xanth founded it with me. I've known Xanth for quite a while, way before WF came around.
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  14. Was Xanth on MF? Can't remember. :boss1:
  15. He was a co-owner on MF.
  16. Okay then.
    Uhm, what colour stars.


    Dark blue stars please. To contrast with light blue on user image. :jeritroll:


    I thought so. Didn't want to post and look like a fool. :burns:
  17. Dunno why you're telling me. :urm:
  18. Randy, Xanth and Crayo were the guys who started this site lol. Xanth's always been a chairmen.
  19. Credit goes to Anon too btw, whilst we're on that subject.
  20. I never founded it! I did not come until like Feb. this was made i think in Dec. if not mastakein?
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