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The rap on IIconics has been that while they’re great characters, they’re serviceable at best in the ring.

But it might be time to re-assess. Because as demonstrated in her match with Ruby Riott on Raw last night (June 29), Peyton Royce has been steadily improving as a worker.

Sure, Riott’s a hell of a dance partner, and long overdue for a chance to do something more than make other people look good. But Royce was executing moves and spots where the onus was on her to deliver them safely and make them look good.

There’s no better example than this spinning brainbuster she finished Ruby with:

I can't even front, this was really damn good.

— la croix addict (@BROshiJUDAS) June 30, 2020
Don’t take Wrestling Twitter’s word for it. Listen to a Grand Slam champion, and a Role Model:

Guys, Peyton has ALWAYS been this good.

— Bayley (@itsBayleyWWE) June 30, 2020
We need to get that move a name, and consider what the future might hold for Peyton.

There is still Royce’s partner to discuss, too. Billie Kay is one of the funniest people in wrestling. I’m not sure there’s anyone she’s shared a scene with who hasn’t had to suppress a laugh because of something Kay says or does. She almost got Samoa Joe to break on Raw Talk last night. But Billie has not been progressing as a wrestler.

So let her be Peyton’s manager and occasional tag partner, like a funnier Lana!

Problem solved. Now back to watching that brainbuster (and enjoying Joe’s commentary).

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