PGA Golfer Suspended.

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    Pro Golfer Dustin Johnson has had a positive cocaine test, he will be suspended 6 months from any PGA Tour activities.

    In 2009 he tested positive for Marijuana so that was his first strike and then in 2012 in a suspension that was not made public he failed his 2nd test this time for cocaine and now again in 2014 is facing a suspension via positive cocaine test.

    Through comments he made on Twitter it sounds mainly that he will be using this time to take part in counseling in order to seek help for his drug usage which apparently seems bigger than most people thought.

  2. Cocaine can't possible help you golf. From what I've seen it seems to make people manic and jittery. Not what you want when trying to golf. Let him play on I say :happy:
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  3. I think he used it more for party life and they just wanted to make a point that drugs are bad mm'kay.
  4. If it doesn't give him a competitive advantage I don't see why they should care, or even test for it. Just one mans opinion.
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  5. Probably a liability issue, can't have their employees dying on the course for a drug related complication if its something that could've been prevented in some manner but idk that's just my guess lol.
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  6. Any press is good press amirite? :happy:
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  7. Completely agree, but If they asked him to go to rehab and he refused, I would suspend him.
    It isn't about the competitive advantage but more about the man's health and finding him on the john one day with a needle in his vein.
    Golf is supposed to be a gentleman's game. They don't want it leaked out that there is an addict performing on the tour.
    For me, I don't care about their image or their rules, but I would care if an addict died in the bathroom with a syringe in his arm.
  8. Well, he was obviously aware of their tests from failing before, so his fault on this one. With some rehab, hopefully he can get away from this stuff. Or you know, pretend to get away from it and do it again anyways.
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  9. Guy likes to party. So be it. Golf is boring as fuck, gotta enjoy yourself somehow.
  10. There are less harmful drugs than cocaine. Choose one.
  11. Should just beat his wife's ass to reduce stress. NFL punishments have taught me that domestic violence >> drug use
  12. How appropriately inappropriate you are. This isn't your take as much as its true.
    Commish Goods said it, not you. A lawyer doesn't make laws, he finds the loopholes.
    If Dustin Johnson can't hack it, Ray Rice it. The theory that wifey won't come back is a an old wive's tale.
    Dust will feel better, the coke won't be an issue and wifey understand you'll change some day.

    It's a win/lose/win situation. If the coke dealer needs a new client, go hook white collar guy because he's always game.
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