Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Baraa, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Any pharmacology students in here? :sad:

    I'm B+ up until now, I've finished 5 semesters (2.5 years) out of the whole 5 years study, half way to go...

    Gotta say, it's so much fun.. especially in the lab when we make drugs and medications, Capsules, Suppositories, Creams..etc

    But gotta say its so damn hard , it's killing me :upset:

    And the subjects get harder and harder every semester :cry:
  2. no pharmacists here? :sad:
  3. I wish I was, it's something I'm certainly interested in.
  4. Just viewed your profile and I was :shock:

    Seriously man?
    You are 19 y o?

    You go to collage?
  5. Been to college and finished, lol.
  6. What did you study?

    I don't know about the education system in England, but you are 19, so how did you finish it in 1 year.?

    Isn't high school in England at 18 too?
  7. At 19? What the actual f*ck?
  8. Exactly my point. LOL
  9. I finished College at 18...isn't great waiting for the Yanks to realize College is the UK is not the same as America :emoji_grin:
  10. I don't live in America, I'm live in Jordan..

    Here the high school is at 18, I finished high school and started going to the university , I'll finish my 5 years study in 2015 when I'm 23 years old. :sad:
  11. Yeah College isn't the same as what you guys think.

    UK works like this:

    - Primary school until 11-12
    - Secondary school until 16 (high school)
    - College for two years (optional)
    - University for X years depending on the course.
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  12. We're in high school till 16 as britfags
  13. You live in Jordan? I so want to start a debate with you about Israel and the Middle East....
  14. Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology.

  15. Or

    - Primary school until 11-12
    - Secondary school until 16 (high school)
    - College for two years (optional)
    - Get a Job and earn Money
  16. And Why is that? lol
  17. Yeah ^

    University is becoming really irrelevant and pointless in the UK. People are choosing it because there are no jobs around, lol.
  18. People will stop choosing it soon when they realise £9000 a year is way too much...although paying it back at about £2 a month until you die is probably not so bad.
  19. So you don't go to school before you are 11?
  20. Re: RE: Pharmacology

    Yeah we have primary school from 5-11 I think it is
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