Phil Jones = new Roy Keane?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by JeebaK, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Phil Jones has really impressed me in the midfield position so far this match. I believe he would be really sucessfull as a Ball Winner defensive midfielder, something man utd hasnt had since roy keane left.


    I would also like to notify that Jones in midfield means that either Cleverly or Anderson can start. However both of them are really talented and making real improvements this season, having one of them sit on the bench wouldnt be fair. Anderson is arguably a better player than cleverly, however cleverley will get more starting line up time due to being british.

    I would also like to mention that Giggs has been United's best winger this season. Valencia was on striking form last season but no so much in this, Young just isnt good enough to play at a big club like United imo, and Nani has been just awful.
  2. Phil Jones does this job well. He has made Gareth Bale and Fellaini (so far) look like nothing. I need to see more of him to compare him to one of the best central midfielders the premier league has ever seen, but it's promising. He is a centre back though; there are plenty of CDM's in the world we can buy to play this position.

    Naming Giggs as our best winger this season isn't a compliment when our wingers have been awful. Welback at wing is still better.
  3. I dont think Welbeck at wing is even good, let alone better. Hes much better as a complete forward with his pace allowing him to run behind defenders.
  4. Going to ignore that idiocy ^^.

    Anyway, your point earlier: Anderson isn't regularly selected because he's inconsistent and seemingly constantly returning from injury. Cleverely is Mr Consistent at the moment. His passing is great, his vision is great, his tracking is probably the best in the team and his energy levels the same. Cleverely is rightly chosen ahead of Anderson -- who does have more "spark" -- for the right reasons; not because he is British.

    Giggs was great today but he isn't great every game, and I don't really want to waste my time convincing Giggs' biggest fan that personally. I worry when I see his name on the team-sheet as I never know which Giggs I'm going to get, but that applies to all our wingers at the moment.

    As for today's performance: We were great, professional, hard working and SOLID. Rafael was rightly named man of the match and is quickly maturing and becoming an incredible right-back. The team is so much more solid with Vidic in the middle, and I sincerely hope he plays mid-week against Real Madrid because we are a much better side with him in the team.
  5. :haha::upset::haha:

    Cleverley has vision?
  6. No he's blind, which makes his incredible passes even better.
  7. :damnn: Implying cleverley can play through passes.
  8. So the reason Cleverley is picked constantly by Sir Alex and Roy Hodgson is because?

    Please support another team. I'd much rather read your disgusting and constantly wrong analysis for Man City or some other team.
  9. Typical british guy, overrating their players, im not british, hence i can support and accept the facts at the same time. British players have always been overrated from the days of lampard and gerrard, when they were hailed as the best midfielders in the world, we all saw how that worked out when they actually had to play against good teams in the international level.

    Anyways, back on topic, Cleverly is a working class midfielder with lots of stamina, thats why hes selected by Ferguson. Dont even talk about Hodgson, nobody rates him as a manager, failure with liverpool and failure with england. Anderson is a playmaker, he has creativity, Cleverley doesnt, if anderson didnt have so many frequent injuries he would have been the number 1 choice for central midfield position in united by now. Cleverley is nothing special, hes a hard worker, got lots of stamina, and can keep the ball moving with short passes, thats about it.
  10. I'm so done discussing football with you. I'm convinced you're just a troll now.
  11. Cleverley > Anderson, there's no two ways about it imo.
  12. Not even close. British players are always hugely overrated.
  13. Lol, sure, Cleverley is better than Anderson imo, how does that make all british players over rated?
  14. Lampard, Cleverly, Walcott, Rooney (people thought he was going to be the GOAT along with the likes of Pele and Maradona lmao), Owen, Shearer, Milner, Ashley Cole, Wilshere, Carroll, Johnson do i need to say more?
  15. How can you put Cleverley or Wilshere in there, they are both still very young and Wilshere is excellent, Owen and Shearer both had fantastic careers and imo Ashley Cole has been the best LB in the world over the last 10 years, silly list.
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  16. I rest my case. :dawg:
  17. Yes because at 21 Jack Wilshere's career is effectively over and he can't improve at all from now, same story with Cleverley. People never said Shearer was one of the worlds best, he surprised everyone with his ability, Owen was plagued by injury yet still managed to almost break England's top ever goal scoring record. And if you can't agree that Ashley Cole has been one of the best if not the best LB over the last 10 years then you, little princess, are a fool. :pity1:
  18. In April 2011, Wilshere won the PFA Young Player of the Year award.

    So overrated. I guarantee JeebaK will have to Google to know what that award even is. Everyone knows Ashlery Cole has been the best left back in the world for a long period now. Rooney -- admitted by Messi himself Mr. Jeebak -- is one of the best players in the world, period. Gerrard & Lampard are icons out of England, and are actually constantly blasted by English press for their lack of ability when playing together, but both in the past have been up there with the best midfielders in the world (especially Gerrard).

    You can tell JeebaK wants to be British, since we produce so many awesome players :haha:
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  19. Wilshere was hailed as the next midfield maestro, after 3 years he still isnt a regular starter for Arsenal, same goes for Walcott, yes they can improve, improve to be better players, not the "great maestros" that they were foreseen to be.
    Owen had a superb run in his Liverpool days, for a few years, thats all there it is to him, since his move to real madrid he has been nothing but a failure, and to rank him as one of the world's greatest strikers is a disgrace.

    The Ashley Cole one is the funniest of all lmao. Lets go back 10 years ago, Roberto Carlos would have made Cole tie his shoe laces with his class. Not even mentioning Maldini, cant place Cole with that legend in the same sentence.

    Then came Philip Lahm, who is also good enough to wipe his boot with Ashley Cole.

    Now we not only have Lahm whos better than him at that position but also Marcelo, Alba and Coentrao. If it was 2 years ago, i would have also placed Evra above him.


    I even forgot about Lizarazu.
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