Phobias? No thank you

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by the_hoff, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Your beloved greatest heel of all time, the Hoff here. Sitting around, just drank a McDonald's large sized cup full or cocaine, and my mind began racing. Wondering. What, could possibly be the phobias of you, the hicks of WWEF? Mine you ask? Spiders. Fuck 'em. Here, have a look see at these bad boys. So people, what are your PHOBIAS? Bwahahaha. By the way, to spiders all around the world, and you dastardly space spiders.. :finger::finger::finger:
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  2. I'm homophobic.
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  3. You aren't too fond of gay spiders then, are ya?
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  4. I'm afraid of straight people. Oh,and gimmick posters.
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  5. The Hoff isn't all that fond of gimmick posters either. Shit, if someone were to make an account, and pose as a spider gimmick, I think I may wet my hoffderwear. And for the slow ones out there, thats hoff underwear
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  6. Spiders for me as well. Fuck those things. Big or small I can't stand them.
  7. I have a strong disdain for snakes and spiders.
  8. Spiders, lightning and great white sharks. Fuck all of them.
  9. Me too. Whenever I see lightning, it always brings me down.
  10. Eisoptrophobia, cynophobia, anthropophobia. :sandow:
  11. gav the chav ain't scared of nothing
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  12. Spiders are so weak lol. I've never hit one and had it survive, I'm talking a 100% kill rate. YOu guys are pussies, especially you HOff.
  13. I have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.
  14. Ah, fear of long words. Ryrony.

    Wouldn't say it was a phobia but I dislike spiders. I can handle pretty much everything else.

    Also get @Crayo in here, he's fucking frightened of every creature going.
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  15. Spiders, dey scary shit.
  16. Not even gonna flame jono for the heartless pipe bomb because it's true. I have a fear of 99 percent of insects.
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  17. How can you hate a face like that?[​IMG]
  18. Tempted to edit your post and remove that pic. Fuck rats and your post.
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