Phone/Computer/Laptop radiation. Harmful?

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  1. So..

    I've heard it's harmful to the man's soldiers down below.

    I usually sit with my laptop on my lap... Is that bad?

    Phone is in the pocket with me.. Is that bad?

    Your opinions, please...
  2. I've heard that its bad to keep your cell phone, ipod (with internet), tablet/iPad, or laptopn with in a foot of you testicles. It make not give you cancer but you may not be able to have kids in the future from too much exposure. Its bad for women if they keep them on their lower stomach by the reproductive organs. Its been know to cause infertility.
  3. Well it still works well enough for me atm.
  4. So are tighty whities.

    Taking hot baths.


    Mate the list goes on and on and on.....
  5. It can cause cancer though.
  6. Most modern phones and laptops have worked at eliminating this problem. If you look at it compared to the 90's there is not nearly as many cases of infertility where it can be traced to cellphone or laptop radiation.
  7. Also don't live near pylons!
  8. I read that aluminum foil will block out radiation from your cell phone when its in your pocket. If it worries you, just get a pouch, line it with foil, and keep your phone in that.
  9. That explains Xanth's worryingly small penis.
  10. :pity1:
  11. Bugger it as long as ur swimmers get there who cares haha!
  12. People are too fucking worried of something that was dangerous in the 90's but is no thanks to technological advances not nearly as lethal. Carpe Diem people.
  13. My soldiers :why:

    You sure? Even with older computers/laptops? (1-4 years)
  14. With every major generation of devices they try diminishing the amount of radiation. My tips is don't have your phone in your pocket all the time and keep your laptop on a desk, better for the fans in the laptop anyway. But just relax, they've cut the cases with like 60% or something since the 90's
  15. LOL at this post! for the bolded
  16. I'm just worried :sad1:
  17. I get that it was just the way it was worded with the pic it cracked me up haha!
  18. I'm always worried my soldiers are crap for various reasons but end of the day I'll cross that bridge when I get to it no point worrying Jose!
  19. So do they just go away completely? Cause that would save so much hassle with tissues etc. I could even have a chug in bed :emoji_hushed:
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