Photo: CM Punk Blades On WWE Raw?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]


    Looks like it tho, don't know why your hand must be on your head while getting irish whipped.
  2. Totally bladed :boss1:
  3. Wow that looks pretty convincing, wonder if he got in trouble?
  4. He won't get in trouble, and I doubt he really did it to be honest. I'm still sceptical.
  5. He was talking about paying the refs fine.. So it could be that Punk and the ref talked about it without anyone knowing.
  6. I'm pretty much in the same boat. I know it seems to be a pretty controversial topic on whether he did it or didn't do it, with decent arguments on both sides. This photo does seem pretty convincing, but I'll just remain skeptical.
  7. Thats proof he bladed so he cant deny it
  8. He totally did.
  9. Was this a cage match or something?
  10. It does look like a blade... :notsure:
    But then again, it could also just be a really oddly cast reflection of one of the spotlights off his thumb.
  11. Yeah but why do you have to touch you head in an irish whip?
  12. Yeah, cage match against Lawler last Monday on Raw.
  13. Nah, It's definitely a blade for me. You can see it. It's clear. Plus doesn't help his case that his hand is exactly where his cut was.
  14. I think the last thing you can call this picture is "clear" lol.
  15. I meant you can clearly see it. At least I can. Now you are making me question my own Judgement. Damn you CRAYO! :cry:
  16. But still...

    ''Oh let me scratch my head right before I get whipped onto the cage.''

  17. You do know it's quite common for them to put their hands in front of their faces when they're about to take a face bump? You don't seriously expect him to smash his own face into the steel cage do you?
  18. Not anymore. :dawg:

    I know that, but that happens in a split second. Plus, they put it infront the nose, in some sort of that way. Not the top of the head. You don't protect yourself with the elbows, but with the hands/wrists.
  19. If we're going to really analyse it, you could say that his hand was there in preparation to drop to his face. He's still a bit away from the cage side, so it's just as likely him preparing to protect himself than blading.

    The thing you need to think about though, why would he chose to blade in a random RAW match against a washed up commentator -- which would make him look weak -- and not against the likes of DB or Y2J in both of their No DQ matches?
  20. What I said earlier.

    Lawler was in the AWA, where loads of blood were spilled regularly. Punk said: I will be the new King of Tennessee.
    Lawler accomplished a lot in AWA, but had so many blood matches, same for Dusty Rhodes. Take a look at Lawler's forehead for that one. So maybe to make Lawler look a little bit strong, they wanted Punk to bleed like they did in the old days. Because it was pretty normal for Lawler to bleed in a match. So maybe they wanted Punk to blade/bleed to show some old stuff from the past.
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