Photo: First look at the new WWE Championship!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. :facepalm: :facepalm1:

    Sure, spoon and fork go with it. Tagging @[Xanth]
  3. I sure as heel hope that is without decorations and not the finished one. Otherwise :urm: I'll need rum and lots of it to watch it contended. #Forumdrunk
  4. To be honest, I prefer it than the current one. But that's like saying I prefer AIDS over cancer.
  5. If this is how the belt is going to look....then I'd rather wear a jockstrap around my waist.
  6. Bling bling it up some and get some colour on it and it could be cool. Until I see a finished product I won't pass judgement.
  7. I honestly hate bling. Then again the strap itself could help this. If it's a white strap I'd be pretty markymarkish over it.
  8. Also, more changes will be made. Picture quality also sucks. Remaining optimistic tbh.
  9. Some sources also say that the thing on the pic is just a side plate and the real belt has yet to be revealed.
  10. What a horrible belt. Keep it away, NASTY.
  11. Such a shitty belt. Don't want to see it ever again.
  12. It would suit a white strap

    I dont really like it though.. is it solid gold? .. if so thats probably the reason it weighs so much more than the current one
  13. Is this a joke my penis would be a better looking wwe championship than that keep the current one or we will have problems vince :badass:
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  14. Show Spoiler

  15. Punctuation :upset:
  16. if thats how the new belt going be just keep the one they got now this one look very shitty. i don't know why they just dont go back to the way the old belt look before Cena change it in 05
  17. This! Hell, why not just go to the Attitude Era WWE title. lol
  18. If they would change it into something similar to this, I would be more than happy. :obama:

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  19. This belt is good looking if you're music chipmunk with a black-eye and a binocular. :burns:
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