Photo of Vince and Shane with a fan (New)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Shane looks so old.
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  2. lol Shane's hair!
  3. Dude needs to dye that shit.
  4. Shane-o-Mac pulling off the gray like a champ.
  5. [​IMG] What's that hair shane o mac?
  6. :lol1: Cool hair.
  7. He needs some Just for Men ASAP
  8. Vince and Shane look the same age. Come back to wrestling Shane.
  9. I think Shane's grey hair suits him
  10. OMG Shane really looks so old. Where's the Shane that danced in the ring?!!
  11. :notsure: Not sure if Shane or...
  12. damn shane really needs to dye his hair and cut it. It looks all wacked out.
  13. Shane is going gray with pride.
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  14. Shane looks so different and old for 43
  15. Damn! Shane looks smexy with that hair.
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  16. lol his hair :lol1:
  17. Shane looks like he's the same age as Vince. Good god.

    (Off-topic: this is my 4,000th post.)
  18. I like how people are bashing Shane for looking old just because his hair is gray. Look at that mug. doesn't look a day over 30. Just because he isn't a pussy dying his hair like every other insecure fuck who turns 40 doesn't mean he looks like shit
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  19. Shane looks good with the grey hair some people suit it and he does
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