Photos from CM Punk and AJ Lee’s Wedding

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by posiimage, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. Check out this leaked photo from CM Punk and AJ Lee’s wedding this past summer.

  2. Vomit inducing.
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  3. he looks good :emoji_grin:
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  4. look at these nerds. such fags
  5. Punk looks much better with a beard than he does clean shaven.

    Then again, all real men (like myself) do.
  6. Where did they get married? Comic con?
  7. I knew he kissed girls, hahahahahaha faggot.
  8. He is such a handsome devil
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  9. I wonder if it's at all awkward at times for her with how he left?
  10. The lighting on the picture makes it seem at quick glance that AJ has a huge monobrow, I know that's not true but this is an ugly picture nevertheless.
  11. I wonder if Spiderman gave the sermon.
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  12. Was this picture taken by an iStone? lol

    Punk looks weird without beard. Dunno what to think of this picture...
  13. punk has been an asshole about this picture for no freaking reason. threatens to block people on twitter and shit who post it..who cares? He's being an ass all the time and whining....I love the guy as a wrestler....but all he des lately is bitch.

    Be proud of your wedding pic....and whoever views it....that's a good thing....
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