Photos from the Sep. 23, 2015 Edition of IMPACT WRESTLING

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    Dixie Kicked off IMPACT WRESTLING by calling out Eric Young, who just the week before joined Global Force Wrestling which was fighting for control over TNA Wrestling. This rightly so led into a match against Chris Melendez.


    Next: X Division and Knockouts Action

    In X Division action we say Tigre Uno defend his title against Kenny King and we saw the Knockouts Gail Kim and Jade fight over the Knockouts Title!

    Next: The Revolution and 5 Man for a shot at the Title...

    The Revolution comes to an end and the a 5 way match takes place to determine who will get a chance at the World Title at Bound for Glory


    Next: The EC3 and Jeff Hardy Saga..

    EC3 defended his World Title against Rockstar Spud which led to more than


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