Photos From The Special #CountdownToGlory Edition of IMPACT WRESTLING (Sep. 30, 2015)

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    IMPACT WRESTLING Opened with whave could bring potential major changes to Bound For Glory, particularly with the World Title picture as a major match stipulation was put in place for later in the night to allow for Matt Hardy to enter and make the World Title match a 3-way.


    Next: Roode Lays Out a challenge... X Division Action..

    Roode laid out a challenge for a King of the Mountain match at Bound for Glory and Lashley stepped up to the Challenge. X Division Action continued!


    Next: Eric Young gets a beat down ... Knockouts Action...

    Eric Young had a few things to say however a few members of the IMPACT WRESTLING roster weren't having it.. Plus we saw Knockouts action heat up between the Dollhouse and the Beautiful People


    Next: Tag Team main event..

    After the world title main event Dixie Carter introduced a special referee for the World Title main event at Bound for Glory..



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