Photos of Wade Barretts new look in Japan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Push this man.
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  2. I wish the second was better quality, would be an epic smiley.
  3. #BangMeStuartAlexanderBennet <3
  4. #BangMeStuartAlexanderBennet <3
  5. Very nice look, growing a beard was a good idea.
  6. Wade always has had a great look IMO.
  7. Yeah, but I think the beard was a nice addition.
  8. This plus getting rid of those god awful sick coloured tights.
  9. He wore colored trunks? I don't really remember it. But I'm pretty sure he didn't wear exlusively colored ones, I remember seeing him with black trunks.
  10. Just before he left he did, nothing major but I wasn't a fan of them.

    Best photo I could find.

  11. He had some hideous green ones pre injury I think, his grey ones were pretty dope IMO.
  12. Oh, the grey ones. I don't mind them, but green does seem pretty weird.
  13. Typical black attire :jericho:
  14. Looks pretty sick, the first one looks like randy orton tights that he's wearing.
  15. Second pic looks nice. :gusta:
  16. It isn't nice to push people Crayo. I expect more from you. :jericho::jericho::jericho:

    Where would you push him? Not into oncoming traffic, certainly :otunga:
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  17. Push him into a shopping cart and make him my biiiaaatch.
  18. :jericho::haha:
  19. I agree
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