Pick a Prime/Best part of Wrestler's Career

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. I'd like to see suggestions on who (during the best part of their career) would thrive in today's WWE if you put them on TV next week (without Cena)

    For example, Randy Savage 87-90, Dusty Rhodes and Arn Anderson would thrive in WWE today if they were in their prime.

    If nothing else, just pick a prime you think was bada**... not eras...just time periods in a wrestlers career that was underrated or didn't receive enough exposure

    For example, Austin 96-97 doesn't get the credit it deserves....CM Punk in 09-10 is underrated as well... Bret Hart in 1997 never gets enough applause either...just my opinons

    Can be modern era... or any time you think a particular cat didn't get their props
  2. Batista 04-08
    Christian- Whatever his TNA years were
    Brock Lesnar- 02-06
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  3. Shawn Michaels: 95-98
    Austin Aries: 2011-Late 2012
    Batista: 2009-2010 (Heel)
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  4. Mr.Perfect, Rick Rude, and Owen Hart were not appreciated as much as they should have been. All were main event talents that never got their shot.
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  5. Yeah... the freaking IC hall of fame... I'm not such an Owen Hart guy but 1994 was amazing and that was the point of this thread... its time I youtube all those cats
  6. You shan't be disappointed.
  7. I agree on the Owen/Perfect/Rude mentions. Honestly, I could easily picture all of them in the same role, which is having Paul Heyman as their manager (obviously, not all at the same time.) Owen Hart, mainly his '94 and '95 version as a heel, is the one I best imagine.

    Just imagine that Owen Hart got the same introduction today that Curtis Axel got. Paul Heyman says he has a new client that he wants to introduce to the world and he tells everyone to set their DVRs and recorders just right because when this new client of his eventually becomes a huge star, people are gonna be playing this moment back for a long time. And then he introduces Owen Hart. Much like Heyman told everyone that Axel was a third generation superstar and thus destined for greatness, he could tell us all how Owen is the sibling of the great Bret Hart and the father of the great Stu Hart and officially christen him as "The King Of Harts" (which was what Owen called himself back in '94 and onward during and after his feud with Bret.) Owen could go on to say he will easily surpass his brother Bret, much like Axel told us all how he'd surpass his father and grand father.

    Unlike Axel (who I don't see becoming world champion anytime soon, probably ever), I can see Owen getting the belt eventually. He could have plausibly became world champion in 1994, and with the way things are today, he could easily become World Heavyweight Champion and probably at least one stint at WWE Champion.
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