Pick fault with a favourite.

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  1. Everyone has a favourite wrestler but as we all know no one is perfect, so point out a negative about your favourite wrestlers.

    My examples would be The Miz not being as good in ring as he could be and Chris Jericho being too keen to put over talent, making a win over him mean less.

  2. CM Punk becoming boring on the mic, and Chris Jericho for not shooting creative for ruining his gimmick.
  3. D Bryan with his terrible mic skills IMHO.
    He's presentation of his segments is boring and lack-luster. He also. talks. really. slow. I mean there's just no need to talk that slow.

    I don't know if its because his accent is just bland or what, but I find his promos boring as all hell.
  4. The Rock talks too much. It's a personal peeve of mine

    Mic work should supplement the wrestling... not the other way around
  5. Slow talking is a great way for a heel to get over, clearly it's working :emoji_wink:
  6. It makes me more pissed IRL than hating the guy. :angry::angry:
  7. I know Cody Rhodes isn't perfect but.....I simply cannot pick a fault from him.
  8. Agreed with that. Hard for me to rip Drew either... I guess it would be putting up with all the crap he's had to put up with, and dealing with the entire "Chosen One" gimmick that failed pretty badly. Dolph Ziggler relied on Vickie for way too long and his character never really progressed.

    Very good idea for a thread. Repping.
  9. Dolph- Vickie Guerrero
  10. This is the one I struggle with, Rhodes. His mic skills are epic, he's great in the ring, has the look and gets reactions. The only thing I can fault is his booking, does that count?

    Drew - better mic skills. Done :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. Randy Orton lacks tone in his voice. I hate how he always talks in Monotone, but he has proven his is very good on mic. Back when he was still the legend killer.

    John Cena.... He is perfect, except for the agression he has lost. He reminds me of a Teddy Bear.. They're so cute and friendly, but they are very dangerous, they just don't show it.

    Undertaker.... Nothing wrong with him at all. He's perfect, not one flaw with him.
  12. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan lack the "look" of a champion. I go out of my way to downplay it, but it does have a bearing on getting guys over. Size, musculature, etc., help. They're not the be-all, end-all, but they help. Christian has the same problem, but so did Edge (although Edge's height mitigated it a bit).

    Cena is all-around amazing for all he does, but I have problems taking him seriously because of the goofiness he displays ("JBL is poopy", anyone?).

    Ziggler and Rhodes (I always seem to pair those two up) need more polish.

    ADR has allowed the gimmick to define him, rather than him defining the gimmick.

    That's all I got off the top of my head.


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  13. +1 Crayo

    Simply put Cody Rhodes has a lisp and to overcome that shows ba**s

    I won't go into how DiBiase was groomed to be the star...

    I won't even slight WWE for putting Randy over both Teddy and Cody

    I salute you, Cody, I was so sure you were destined for TNA
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