WrestleMania Pick Undertaker's opponent.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Since there's a ton of mentions in various threads about Undertaker at WM 29, let's just have this thread.

    Undertaker will most likely wrestle at WM 29, as he's a WM only guy now (despite what RS says).

    Personally, I'd want him to face Cena. Not Brock, Rock or HHH -.-.
  2. Wade Barrett fuck all these old timers making every big event about them think to the future.

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  3. I'm with Drunk here. Barrett has the look and physique to be the guy to go one on one with Taker. Hasn't he already faced Taker in a match as well. I know the Nexus attacked Taker and Barrett hit the wasteland on him.
  4. They could do Wade Barrett as he is in high demand by most fans to go one on one with Taker at Mania who's young.
  5. It will be Cena, but Barrett would be cool too.
  6. I think it'll be Brock at WM 29, not that I want it to be him. I agree that Taker putting over young talent is the best idea.
  7. Brock young talent? Lol..
    I think it will be Brock vs Rock for the WWE title..
  8. That's not what I meant, of course I know Brock is not young talent. I meant that while I believe that Lesnar will wrestle Undertaker at WM 29, what I think would be a better idea is for Undertaker to wrestle some young talent (Barrett, Bryan, Ziggler) at WM 29 while putting them over, instead of wrestling Lesnar.
  9. Now I get it. :haha:
  10. Brock or Cena IMO could feel like they were legitimate threats to the streak. So I choose them.

    It seems like a fun idea: Hey, why not have a Rhodes or Ziggler or WB go over Taker and they are made for life! But idk.. something weird about the idea IMO. I could almost picture it backfiring and the fans resenting that superstar to some extent. It's a sticky situation.
  11. I wouldn't put any over them as winning but they should be the one who comes closest to it. Pushing the immortal taker to breaking point is a lot better bet to push someone IMO, although Hunter stole that to an extent.

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  12. I agree, people might resent the one that actually breaks the streak. Also, it's kind of risky to give such a rub to a young guy who's not established, something might go wrong, he might flop, I don't know. But I believe in Rhodes, Ziggler and Barrett. I think it would work wonders for any young star, if they use the push properly. There you have it, a new star that WWE needs so much. But it would be a safer idea to have them almost break the streak, not break on a technicality or something, then the streak is still alive and the young guy left WM over.
  13. That's impossible. Triple H already did that at WM 27. And at WM 28 it was basically established that undertaker can take anything and still rise with the streak. Hence, his dead man powers. If this was before WM 27 then yes but not beyond WM 28.
  14. Re: RE: Pick Undertaker's opponent.

    That was the reason for the latter part of my post, however what if someone could push him even further then Hunter?

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  15. Undertaker would have to be willing to do a dangerous stunt for that to happen. Like getting dropped from the top of a hell in a cell.
  16. Re: RE: Pick Undertaker's opponent.

    Not really IMO, Trips lost the first time as he was remourceful so remove that and have some only losing via roll up,every match has been a finisher pin or sub so far I reckon. Also let them beat him down afterwards, don't even let him leave.

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  17. Have Barrrett destroy him, dominate, go to submit Undertaker, have it on for like 3 minutes, Undertaker taps twice, goes to tap a third but doesn't. That would keep people thinking Taker is immortal, Barrett gets the rub, done.
  18. Here's the thing though guys. If we're gonna have a legend put over young talent I'd rather have it be HBK. He could put over a broom. Undertaker at this point is really big and has basically become this legendary immortal. Plus, It's hard seeing Undertaker putting over young talent seeing as how his last 4 matches have been against old guys. Almost half a decade.

    HBK comes back for a WM match and puts up a 5 star match as usual against some young talent. The young talent wins after putting a lot into it. A very memorable match. Undertaker's great but there's something special about HBK gracing a ring with his presence.
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