Pick your heel run

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  1. Bret Hart 1997

  2. HBK 1997

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  3. Vince McMahon 97-01

  4. Triple H 99-01

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  5. Triple H 02-06

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  6. Edge 05-10

  7. Randy Orton 08-10

  8. Daniel Bryan 11-12

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  9. Batista 09-10

  10. CM Punk 09-11, 12-13

  11. Steve Austin 2001

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  12. JBL 04-08

  1. Realize it or not, WWE supplies us with great heel runs all the time.
    They take a superstar and support their strengths as best as possible and its usually very effective.
    They come in various forms and are generally more memorable than the main protagonist.
    My favorite was JBL's. After losing his CNBC job, he had the green light to truly be a d*ck.
    From the Nazi salute to the immigrant angle with Eddie Guerrero, he had a fantastic run.
    In the end, he put over 'possibly' the most dependable and profitable superstar in WWE history.

    Bret Hart from 1997 is a close second for me.
  2. Where's the Cena option?
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  3. You're welcome to as far back as you'd like.
    John Cena is a fine option provided you explain your reasons for it.
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    Gotta go with Edge. He's my favorite superstar of all time. He was such a great heel. The stuff he had with Matt Hardy, Cena, Jeff Hardy, Batista, Taker and all that stuff, I loved it!

    Too bad I missed out on Bryan's, and Punk's 12-13 heel runs! 'cause I stopped watching wrestling the moment Edge had retired, what a foolish decision by me. Can't believe I missed out one of the best heel runs and easily one of the best years WWE's had (2011-2013, got back to watching it in early 2013) I've watched best moments of those heel runs by Bryan and Punk on YouTube, though... But it's not the same thing like when you're watching it happen every week.
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  5. It's really a cross between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon for me. I'm gonna give the edge to McMahon since his heel run lasted for longer and gave us one of the most compelling rivalries in history through his feud with Stone Cold. McMahon's heel run was also the most unique one on the list because he had been a "babyface" for a longer period of time than any of the other guys on the list had been, and after turning, created one of the most memorable heel personas in history. He had been the "voice" of the company as far back as the early 1970's when he started doing commentary for his dad and he continued to provide his voice for commentary as well as other things for many years after that - he did commentary for Saturday Night's Main Event with Jesse Ventura, was the host of Tuesday Night Titans, was the main voice at the commentary table during the mid 1990's, acted as the host of every Wrestlemania and as the promotional voice for virtually all the PPV events during the 80's and early 90's, etc. That's largely the reason why seeing him outed as the real owner and turning heel in the process was such a significant event.
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  6. Cena was just pointing out the obvious and stirring up the age old debate, when will Cena turn heel. I voted Edge, but would also add Hogan. I never really watched WCW, but yet I still knew about Hogan's heel turn. I think that counts for something.
  7. HHH 2013-

    pity face bandit ftw :pity2:
  8. Pro canada Bret 4 LYFE :4/10:
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  9. Bret Hart really made the AE sizzle because not only did he name DX but he was the fuel that basically started jump started the careers of Austin, Vince, HHH and HBK.
    If Hart wasn't such a tight a** family valuing prick, the attitude era would have gone dramatically different. Add in that this was pre-internet when not everybody realized wrestling was choreographed.

    Considering the age of most here, I shouldn't be surprised Edge received so many votes. Seeing him 'in time' beats watching reruns on YouTube. Going to school the next day and talking about Edge must have been commonplace amongst certain members here.

    I just realized I never added Jericho or Guerrero. To be honest, I still wouldn't.
  10. Correct. I used to be talking about Edge every day in school, so my friends started calling me Edge at one point.
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