Kayfabe Picked Up Once Again

Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Beavie, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. Picked Up Once Again
    Vendetta's text is Yellow.

    Moments after the chaotic scene in the ring where he was fired, now ex-RWK wrestler, Ryan Vendetta is seen being carried by security guards through the halls of the Ricoh Coliseum, with both his arms behind his back. The guards use force and wrench on his arms as Ryan Vendetta grimaces in pain but doesn’t appear to fight it much, accepting his fate. Backstage attendees and other wrestlers look at him, seeing a man who has fallen so much in his time in RWK...but one person who stops the officials for a second and looks at him dead in the eyes is Azrael. Battered and bruised after his tag team match, he looks at the man who took out one of his teammates as a warning shot to the Executive assistant to RWK. A couple guards step between them, not wanting the exchange to get physical, and Azrael looks at Vendetta. The Angel of Death tries to keep himself as calm as he can, but he decides to let a little out. Reaching over one of the guards, he slaps Vendetta in the face as they are very quick to break them up.

    The security tells Azrael to get out, and Azrael scoffs, muttering the words “Pathetic” before walking away, maybe not quite satisfied as he'd like to be. The guards continue down the hall before finally, Ryan is out of the arena. The doors swing open and they push Vendetta out, with him landing on his hands and knees. One of the guards, an older gentleman with a bald head and a thick beard looks at him and says. “And don’t come back!” before slamming the doors shut, leaving Ryan alone outside.

    Ryan pulls himself up to his feet and looks around at the back parking lot of the Ricoh Coliseum. The ex-Danger Zone member looks back at the historic building as he hears, faintly, Phenomenal by Eminem, playing in the background as the show continues on, without him. For the second time in his career, his employment with a promotion he has poured his heart and soul into has been terminated.

    He sits there, and time passes, with the show going on without him. Just as the theme music of Christopher Jordan, The Runaway, the retaining champion, plays as the show is over, Vendetta starts to lose it. He throws a trash can against the side of the building and stomps on it, denting the metal can. He swears under his breath and continues to wreck the trash can as he lets out some of his anger and frustration. Eventually, Ryan goes up against the building and balls his hands into fists. He leans against it face first, shaking as he talks to himself.

    “Nine months, nine months of my goddamn life there and this is what happens?! They let in killers and psychopaths and now Jeffry fucking Mason is there, someone who killed an entire damn promotion, yet because I’ve been hurt, yet I’ve been pushed around...I do something about it and I’m fired?! This…”

    Before he can finish is thought out loud, a sound of a car rolling up interrupts him. The vehicle is a red Chevrolet Spark. The car looks to be new, with an Ontario License plate, with the Province’s name and “Yours to Discover” under it, both in blue. The car stops near Vendetta and the window is rolled down with the driver out of view of a camera. The driver of the car speaks.

    “So, you came to meet up with your friends, huh?”

    The voice is of a woman’s and...is somewhat familiar...yet hard to recognize because it is in a different tone than most people would recognize it in. The former RWK wrestler takes a long deep breath and, knowing the person, walks up to the car.


    “Don’t need to tell me, I knew you’d do that.”

    “But, how?”

    The woman laughs. “Come on, you’re my fiancé, if I didn’t know you well, I wouldn’t have said yes!”

    The woman, being Ryan’s fiancée, puts him at ease a bit and he blushes a bit.

    “So, you’re not mad at me?”

    “Mad? You know I’ve done worse stuff than that, right?”

    Vendetta is now next to the car window and leans against it as he talks to his fiancee. The camera is viewing him from the side, keeping his wife-to-be out of his view.

    “Well, that was you before.”


    The woman reaches out the window and grabs Ryan’s hands. Her hands are a bit pale, with an engagement ring on her left ring finger, sparkling in the night.

    “I’m worried about you…”

    Vendetta rolls his eyes and tries to keep himself calm.

    “I’ve heard that enough from Nova. I get it by now…”

    “Ryan Joseph Doucette!” Her voice seems a bit frustrated at first...but the woman calms herself down. Knowing the state of mind her future husband is in, she holds one of his hands tight and reaches out and touches his face, instantly calming the disgruntled wrestler as Vendetta demeanor completely changes. His eyes are calmed, soft, as she speaks with a soft tone. “You listen to me. I know every single thing you’re dealing with and you can’t forget, I’ve wrestled too. I understand what it can do to a person. You create some enemies, either willingly or unwillingly, you get things taken away from you, maybe stuff from your personal life affect you in the ring...and maybe you’re scared it will happen again…At my worse, I was a completely different person. I was power-hungry, unstable, vengeful, psychotic even...and it almost cost me everything. Who I was as a person, everyone I cared about...even my life. But who was the person who helped me out of it? Who gave me a reason to not be scared and actually be the master of my fears? You, Ryan, you did that and I don’t want what happened to me happen to you. You’re better than this, Ryan.”

    Looking down a bit, Ryan can’t argue or fight. He knows she is right. He wasn’t always like this, but now, this has caused him more pain than ever. He just mutters “I know…” and she continues.

    “Ryan, what was your goal tonight with all this?”

    “To take a stand…”

    He slowly returns his gaze to his fiancée. “Victoria, I knew I was risking my job there with what I did tonight. I understand that it could be my final appearance for a wrestling company ever...But all that has happened to me over the past nine months have been people stepping on me and trying to get me to break, and you know what? It kind of has...I haven’t had any real reason to go there happy...but I still kept coming back because I wanted to make it work. The first people in charge sucked, and with new ownership coming in, I wanted it to work...but it hasn’t, and Kristina made sure I got punished for something I didn’t do. So tonight...I gave a reason for her to deem me a safety hazard, I gave her a reason to be scared. If I really wanted to, I could have laid out her entire security team...but I didn’t…I knew it as soon as I was fired that I didn't have anything else. Kristina had to be taught a lesson...”

    “And Ryan, was it worth it?”

    “Honestly...I have no goddamn clue…What I did there was basically career suicide. I don't even think any promotion in their right mind after that display would hire me. I've clawed every bit to get to where I was, just fingertips away from that 'brass ring' people talk about, and now I'm at a loss.”

    “Well, I have an idea for you.”

    She takes her hand off his cheek and she pokes him in the nose.

    “You are going to do something that I should have done a lot sooner, you’re going to get help. I’m not going to let my future husband make the same mistakes I have. It’s gone on long enough.”

    For once, Ryan doesn’t seem to resist any help. He nods in agreement. “It has...I need to get my head checked before I have any chance of returning.”

    Ryan’s fiancée swipes the bangs out of his eyes and she reaches and wraps her hands behind his neck, almost massaging it. And remember, I’m here for you. You’re my everything and I’m going to do all I can to make sure you’re well again. Because on our wedding day, when I walk down the aisle, I want to see you with a smile on your face. I want to enjoy our big day with you and I want us to live happily ever after together.”

    Close to tearing up, Vendetta has a catch in his throat as he says. And I want to be there for you…”

    She pulls him close and Ryan pokes his head in the car as the two kiss. The couple smooch before they pull away. “I love you…”

    “I love you too…”

    Just as the couple share in this heart-filled moment, Ryan’s phone goes off. He takes one hand and reaches into his side pocket and checks to see it is a twitter notification. He pulls it out and shows what it is to his fiancée.

    “It’s Nova…”

    “Be sure to tell her that I want her to be my Maid of Honour!”

    Vendetta opens his twitter and opens the DM from his cousin and he goes back and forth with her for a while.



    Seeing this, Ryan and his fiancée exchange confused glares as he responds.



    Now Vendetta is fuming and his significant other has to put her hand on his shoulder to keep him from losing it again.




    The couple laughs a bit, although it is obvious that Ryan is still fuming a bit from what he had learned.



    He puts his phone away as his fiancee rests her elbows on the car door.

    “Well, what do you think?”

    “What I think?” He turns towards her. “I think if she tries to fire her ass, I’m going to run back here, job or not, and set her straight…”

    His future wife puts her hand on his arm in an attempt to keep him calm. “No...You can’t do that, not in the frame of mind you’re in.” She moves her hand down his arm and holds his hand. “Here is what we’re going to do. We’re going to go home, and you’re going to rest. Tomorrow we’ll set up an appointment with my psychologist, and we’re going to make sure you’re well. Then, we’ll talk about you returning to wrestling, whether here or elsewhere.”

    Not responding right away, Ryan, with so many emotions running through him, doesn’t want to stop. He doesn’t want to give up the fight. But, he reaches over and gives the girl he loves a hug and mutters. “Okay…” before he walks to the other side of the car, opening the passenger side door and stepping in. The car begins to roll off as the video cuts away.

    You think that she'd stay away?

    Also...three of my characters...in a single segment in some capacity... :what:

    Well that writes things off for the V-man...and thanks for @El Curry for letting me use Azrael for a small part.

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