Picture of Morrison, Hurricane and Melina (One hour ago)

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    Helms has gotten so fat these days...
  2. Damn he is a bit of a chunky monkey now a days. Then again didn't he have an accident on his motor bike in the past year? That could have limited his exercise greatly.
  3. Don't worry, he'll use Melina to lose weight.
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  5. Hurricane is lucky to be wrestling at all

    What doctor would clear him to wrestle is beyond me

    Guys with broken necks should retire, pronto
  6. Imagine if SCSA had though?
  7. I knew .... I knew someone would bring him up

    I say it begrudgingly.... I can't argue you.

    I'm torn cause I've had neck problems..... I'm telling you it sucks serious a**
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  8. Course someone would bring him up he's one of the hugest in WWE to suffer and make a return and career despite it!

    I'm sure however there is others who haven't or have as I'm convinced Benoit did break his neck at one point too but I aint hundred per cent! Aint Edge a near broken neck? (devastating whatever reason he was unlucky)

    I agree it's a danger and needs to be avoided but if ppl are fit and cleared and as in SCSA's case become that big and are willing to take the chance I won't argue!

    All sports the same theres a risk if ur cleared to play or wrestle and your good who wouldn't!

    I know it sucks but sport or sports entertainment is about excitement so it's part and parcel of it! Injuries happen some end careers some don't! that's one reason we all enjoy watching sports it's unpredictable!
  9. It depends what kind of break it is tbh, Some like Austin and Edge recovered but the threat was still there, whilst Cena's and Sabu's seems to have fully recovered and then there are people like Droz who have little movement below the neck. Some people suffer more serious breaks then others. It's a terrible injury for someone to have but it is possible to recover dependant on the severity.
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  10. Repped Seabs

    But yeah, I can't condone telling a guy not to make a living.

    I can't ask '97 Austin to walk away from millions of dollars

    When I read Hurricane's story, I was thinking Austin the morning of WM19 all over again
  11. We need the Steiner's "He's fat!" video. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. Hellyeah!
  14. LOL Sweet.

    More Steiner in the announce booth with no filter

    More Steiner walking down to the ring with a picture Bobby Lashley's wife on his t-shirt

    More Steiner is speaking his mind and bringing a tear to my eye

    Steiner by himself, in the booth = pwns
  15. TNA:

    Steiner cuts a 2 hour long promo. Ratings go through the roof.
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  16. Repped lol
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