Picture of Undertaker and Mike Tyson

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  1. [​IMG]

    HOF Ceremony or WM?
  2. WM most likely
  3. Yeah, most likely WM
  4. WM indeed, don't think Taker would wear eyeliner to the HOF. Plus he wears his ring gear.
  5. Why would Tyson wear the same suit he wore at HoF to WM? Doesn't matter where it's taken, it's a nice pic.
  6. Lol why would Taker go to the HOF in his ring gear?
  7. To wrestle a broom for the streak.
  8. I asked a plain simple fucking question you don't have to question me back for gods sake.
  9. To who is this directed?:kiss:
  10. Cause the HOF:ers appeared on WM in suits.
  11. Nice picture, believe this is taken at WM.
  12. Good point. :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. He's no good with money, considering how many exes he's still shoving money 2. He even admitted he blows money like wildfire
  14. Gotta love the guy though.
  15. That is a cool pic Undertaker is another fav of mine. He ruled that hell in a cell match at Wrestlemania 28
  16. [Evander]What? I can't hear you![/Holyfield]