Picture posted on WWE.com that made me laugh

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, May 15, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Made me think of this.


    The thing on the forehead.. You know?


    Eve.. :gusta:
  2. inb4xanth.
  3. Yeah, I'm too FRIENDLY to do such things.

  4. Stupid inb4's :((
  5. I hope to god hes fired come over the limit I cant stand him
  6. You're in the minority then on here buddy the rest of us love him.
  7. Lmao, he 'let Brock come back', and you hate him. Lol..
  8. The photo is funny... I hope Johnny stays around though.
  9. I hope Teddy long doesnt replace Ace...
  10. How does that make him better? Don't think he actually brought Brock back, the WWE did. The writers and bookers would've had him come back with or without Ace.
  11. Haha, don't try to teach me WWE. I know it ain't Ace who brought him back. That's why I used the ' ' hooks in the post. This thread is just about the picture, a joke.
  12. Fun fact: Somewhere on wwe.com there is a picture and @[Xanth] is in it.
  13. Im hopeing this happens after Sunday
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