Pictures of recently signed french wrestler Tom La Ruffa

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  1. Judging by these pictures he'll do just fine in the WWE machine. What with the outbearding Seabs and all that.


    pics via


    You're welcome ladies btw.
  2. I was about to hate, but wow this guy looks incredible.
  3. Yeah, he'll do well. Not sure if he can work or talk but his looks are WWE style.
  4. If he is trained by Storm I expect him to be able to work. Plus he is said to be one of the best wrestlers in Europe. The only thing I can worry about from that resume is his talking. Then again we'll get to wait and see.
  5. If only there was a certain black manager who was incredible on the mic.
  6. True, Storm is a good trainer. Let's see if he can talk when he's given a strange name and is promoted to the roster in 5 years.
  7. I will forever remain pessimistic
  8. 2014 champ based upon his look IMO, he looks like a fucking gladiator.
  9. Love the hairy chest :gusta:
  10. Obviously a French version of Leonidas.
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  11. Re: RE: Pictures of recently signed french wrestler Tom La Ruffa

    With them being PG id milk the fuck out of this idea seriously, imagine comic books and everything promoting him as a battling gladiator. You could probably print money from it.
  12. Would be incredible. Sandow I think would play this role pretty well too, but this guy has the natural build and beard for it.

  13. His finisher would be the Spartan Spear. WWE should totally do this, Mucho money.
  14. He looks pretty impressive. And with Lance Storm being the person who trained him, I have no doubt that he'll be good in the ring. As for mic skills, we'll have to wait and see about that, but if he can pull off that gladiator gimmick, then he'll be one of the most interesting guys we have had in WWE in a long while. Hope to see him wrestle soon. :boss1:
  15. WANT. <3

    He looks so sexyyyyyyy
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  16. ^Knew that was coming when I posted on here :haha:
  17. Fine, more proper opinion:

    I love Lance. If he's his top student, I'll give him a chance. He looks like a French Gladiator, and Vince wants that looks. By the looks of it, he looks like a heel. :emoji_grinning:

    Shit fuck I love his body! <3
  18. Well he's already got the best look in the company.
  19. Damien sandow's brother? :slater:


    He looks like he could be a great heel? although, the roman outfit looks a bit.. noob-like.
  20. That first pic makes me think of Sandow so much
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