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  1. Guys, I'm new to this website and I don't know everything yet, How do u put pictures in comments
  2. Code:
    [img]URL of the image[/img]
  3. This is the code for it.

    Here's a list of other codes.
  4. I presume you mean your signature, like my one is a Sheamus picture yeah (I'm not a Sheamus fan btw, I lost a bet)?

    You require 4 posts to be able to use signatures, it helps protect us from Spam bots. When you reach 4 posts, click here and there you can put images in your signature.

    If you don't mean a signature and mean general images in your posts, then you use this code:

    [img]Full URL of your image goes here[/img]
    Then it will appear like so:

  5. Seen that test image so many times* and only just realised there isn't any white in it.

    * I google "test" a lot.
  6. You couldn't just copy google's logo instead?
  7. Cba'd. Just typed "test" in my browser which automatically googles it, and took the image which appealed to me.

    Hoss, :gtfo:
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Hopefully you have gotten the help you wanted.
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