Kayfabe Piersing Repercussions

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The Artiste
*As we return from commercial break, the camera focuses on James Defto and Patrick Evans sitting at the commentary table*
James Defto: So there have been many questions this week as to what is going on with Exodus Superstar, Des Pierson. Over the weekend, a statement was released by the General Manager of Exodus that Mr. Pierson was suspended indefinitely due to an occurrence backstage following his match with Randy Borton over the weekend.
Patrick Evans: Now, there have been many issues since we opened our doors here at Exodus with talent attacking non-wrestler personnel. Because of this, the General Manager decided to institute a policy that states, and I quote, "Should any wrestling talent of Exodus intentionally injure any non-wrestling talent, they shall be suspended indefinitely without pay." Unfortunately this new policy found it's first victim in Des as he returned backstage from his match last week.
James Defto: Now, originally the General Manager had decided to leave this clip off of programming, deciding it would be best to just release a small statement regarding Mr. Pierson's suspension, however, he has since changed his mind. Therefore, I give to all of you the clip of the incident that got Mr. Pierson suspended.
*We cut over from a clip of Des returning backstage after his match, rubbing the back of his neck, as he is approached by Exodus Interviewer, Thomas Drago*
Thomas Drago: Mr. Pierson-
Des Pierson: It's Des.
Thomas Drago: I'm sorry, Des. You've just lost out at yet another opportunity of challenging for gold at Night of Champions. How are you feeling right now? What is next for Des Pierson?
*Des just looks at Thomas, a look of annoyance on his face. After a few seconds, he turns and begins walking away before Thomas puts his hand on Des' shoulder, stopping him*
Thomas Drago: Mr. Pierson, I don't mean to be rude, but it seems that you and your manager always cower down when asked questions. I'm just trying to do my job he-
*Des out of nowhere elbow jacks Thomas in the jaw, sending him stumbling back. He then proceeds to grab Thomas by his shirt, first slamming him into the wall, then tossing him through a table covered with food, sending it all flying. As Thomas groggily attempts to get to his feet, Des smashes a pitcher of ice water over his head, sending him back to the ground. Thomas begins to crawl, Des continually knocking him over with light kicks before Thomas finally comes to rest up against a crate. Des then proceeds to stomp repeatedly on Thomas before security comes to pull him off. A doctor rushes into the scene, checking on Thomas before helping him to one knee. Des is able to break free of the security, charging Thomas and hitting him with the Skull Piersing (Drive-By Kick), smashing his head against the crate and knocking him out cold. Security as well as Terra, who has now entered the scene, quickly pull Des back as more doctors rush into the scene to check on Thomas.
The camera then pans back to the commentators in current time*

James Defto: As you all saw there, it was a brutal attack on Thomas and clearly the General Manager had no choice but to suspend Mr. Pierson for his direct violation to company policy.
Patrick Evans: Now I don't know about that. Thomas clearly was being pushy with Des and I believe that he deserved what he got.
James Defto: You can't be serious?!
Patrick Evans: Okay, maybe he didn't deserve it to that extent, but neither did Des.
James Defto: Whether that be true or not, next week following the PPV, we will be hearing from Mr. Pierson's manager, Terra Hayze, on how long it will be until we will see Mr. Pierson in an Exodus ring again.
Patrick Evans: Hopefully soon!
*At this point, the commentators start to move on to talking about the PPV line-up, putting an end to the previous segment*
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