Pig Virus Raising Bacon Prices

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. CHICAGO, April 27 (Reuters) - John Goihl, a hog nutritionist in Shakopee, Minnesota, knows a farmer in his state who lost 7,500 piglets just after they were born. In Sampson County, North Carolina, 12,000 of Henry Moore's piglets died in three weeks. Some 30,000 piglets perished at John Prestage's Oklahoma operation in the fall of 2013.

    The killer stalking U.S. hog farms is known as PEDv, a malady that in less than a year has wiped out more than 10 percent of the nation's pig population and helped send retail pork prices to record highs. The highly contagious Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus is puzzling scientists searching for its origins and its cure and leaving farmers devastated in ways that go beyond financial losses.

    "It's a real morale killer in a barn. People have to shovel pigs out instead of nursing them along," Goihl said.

    Since June 2013 as many as 7 million pigs have died in the United States due to the virus, said Steve Meyer, president of Iowa-based Paragon Economics and consultant to the National Pork Board said. United States Department of Agriculture data showed the nation's hog herd at about 63 million as of March 1, 2014.

    PEDv was first diagnosed in Ohio last May and has spread within a year to 30 states with no reliable cure in sight. U.S. packing plants may produce almost 2 percent less pork in 2014, according to Ken Mathews, USDA agricultural economist.

    Last week the USDA responded to calls for more reliable data and classified PEDv as a reportable disease, a step that requires the pork industry to track its spread.

    "It's a positive step that I wish they had taken last summer when it became obvious this was spreading rapidly," said Meyer.

    Most farmers and researchers believe PEDv is transmitted from pig to pig by contact with pig manure.

    "Something like a tablespoon of PEDv infected manure is roughly enough to infect the entire U.S. hog herd," said Rodney "Butch" Baker, swine biosecurity specialist at Iowa State University.

    The National Pork Board has spent about $1.7 million researching the virus, which is nearly always fatal in pigs younger than 21 days. With pork prices at an all-time high of $3.83 a pound, the loss of baby pigs cuts into profits for hog farmers.

    "If you have four weeks of mortality in a PEDv break, that's pretty devastating to the financial wellbeing of that operation," said Greg Boerboom, a Minnesota hog farmer.

    "I think most producers are scared," Boerboom said. "They stay up at night."

  2. Good thing I'm not a huge fan of pork I guess
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  3. Same. I eat bacon like once or twice a year. I don't eat pork chops or ribs either.
  4. Bacon messes with my stomach (heartburn anyone?) so I gave it up recently, unless its in like small pieces in a salad or some other meal. I'm ok with pork chops, but that about it. I can't stand ham (in any shape or form), not big on ribs (never liked eating meat off the bone for some reason), and we get the occasional pork butt for pulled pork sammiches, but thats about it.
  5. Yeah I don't like meat with bone. Boneless or :gtfo: lol
    And ham = ewww
    I eat bacon on a BLT a few times a year. I do enjoy those but I only use 2 or 3 pieces of bacon and load it with lettuce and tomato.
  6. You should try a bacon and cucumber sandwich. They actually go really well together.
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  7. I shall try that :obama:
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. : How all Canadians react to bad bacon news.
  10. OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:

    Sadly I wont buy pork at the same price as beef.
  11. This is really depressing news if it fucks with my bacon supply wtf will solve my workbased hangover days?
  12. Bella tits.
  13. I don't deal with man made meat.
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  14. That's not what your boyfriend Stopspot says.
  15. He doesn't say anything without my permission.
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  16. [​IMG]
    I'm sure his man made meat is singing the blues as we joke.
  17. This sucks and all, but as long as this virus is exclusive to pigs, I'm pretty indifferent. Hopefully this doesn't have too much of an impact on the economy though.
  18. Pork sucks anyway. \__/
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  19. Only faggots don't appreciate bacon.
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  20. Overrated
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