Pillman debuts in ECW aka let's talk Brian Pillman

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Pillman could definitely promo with the best of them.

    Pillman is a personal favorite of mine from the 90's. Great worker up until his injury and even after then he was an okay worker. And one of the best speakers in the 90's.

    What are your opinions on Pillman? How far could he have gone as a performer had he not died?
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  2. @Dolph'sZiggler this seems like your kind of thread.

    Pillman was an amazing talent but he would have been in the Raven role at best IMO. A legend in ECW and a midcard act in the bigger shows possibly with the odd main event feud with Austin though just cos of history.
  3. Flyin Brian! Loved that guy
  4. Idk, Pillman was a mid card act just because of his "loose cannon" gimmick, when he basically couldn't wrestle after a car wreck left him with severe ankle injuries. With that gimmick + his in ring ability before the injuries he could have easily been a major player for WCW or WWF
  5. I think he could've done some big stuff in the early-mid days of the Ruthless Agression Era.
  6. I've never seen him, but his name sounds a little silly. Pillman. Pill...man. idk, I can't picture it at the top of a card.
  7. it wasn't a stage name...
  8. Was never a huge fan, honestly. But he was a good worker and talker, no denying that. His "loose cannon" stuff just never really clicked with me and I couldn't stand his raspy voice. I see him as mostly an upper-midcard act who may have occasionally gotten a big feud or world title match with a main eventer. I don't see him ever being a long term top guy (funny as I would describe Dean Ambrose in the very same way... it's probably because Ambrose is like a modern day Brian Pillman imo)

    Shame he never had a proper match with Austin. They had history and had a very good feud brewing in 1996-97 after Austin broke Pillman's ankle.They were actually announced to wrestle at King Of The Ring 1997 but when they axed the Bret/Michaels "10 minute match", they changed the card and put Austin/Michaels against one another instead.
  9. Didn't say it was. Just saying it's sounds a little silly. You know, like Dolph Ziggler. :pity:
  10. I don't see anything silly bout Brian Pillman, but cool
  11. Guess it's just me. I saw the video in the OP, he seemed pretty good mic-wise.
  12. Definitely unique on the mic.
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