Kayfabe Pipe Bomb

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    Tony Starks music begins to play throughout the arena. He comes out in Jeans and a t shirt smoking a fag. The crowd are abit confused

    He walks out on to stage and the crowd cheer and boo he puts out the fag and begins to walk down to the ring. Before he gets into the ring he looks under the apron and get a chair. Tony throws the chair into the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and sets up chair and sits comfortably .

    So, let's get this straight I'm not even meant to be out here aha. This time was for some talk show I don't even know the god damn name of. I'm out here tonight to vent my frustration about Precision. I know you all wanna hear it so I'll get to the damn points. KEEP CAMERA 2 FOCUSED ON ME PLEASE AND THANK YOU. You people know just as much as I do everything here is wrong. Everything. The backstage politics. The management favourites. And most of all the way people disrespect me and the others in the back. I have been here since day one. DAY ONE! And how many shots have a received. 2 maybe 3. And you have people just swarm in and get shots at world titles. Iron Man Championships or Intercontinental Championship. Don't get me wrong I don't disrespect anyone in the back but what I do disrespect is that management where the hottest thing on my back when I entered this damn company and then as soon as someone else who isn't as old or can do some flippy shit enters this company they threw me to the side like worthless trash.
    The crowd begin to slightly boo, but the most part are cheering Tony as he has some points
    I'm a former WWEF Precision European Champion and I'm treated like I'm worthless. Money's been cut. I've been cut in many ways. I put my body on the line day in day out to give this company amazing matches and what do I get for it. Nothing. I get nothing. Just thrown to the side to steal the show every time. I don't care if The Man is Buster Gates. Robert Blake or even Mr Money In the Bank Will Neilson. Everytime I stepped in the ring with Bustaaaaaaa or Will we put on one hell of match I may have lost I may have won. However this company still disrespects me. I was out for 2 months or so after putting on a match of year candidate what did Chris get after that nothing, he deserved something and he got nothing. What did I get when I came back shoved down to the mid card. I SHOULD BE THE MAIN EVENT. THE REASON YOU PEOPLE TUNE IN IS TO SEE ME AND THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK GO TO WAR. NOT STUPID BACKSTAGE POLITICS.
    Tonys mic gets cut off. He walks over to the time keeper and demand's another mic. He test it and it works fine but when he gets in the ring it gets cut off once more. He walks over the announcement table. He picks up the headset and says
    Do I have your attention now?!? I'm done with all this I deserve better
    He slams the mic on the desk and walks off to his theme

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