Piper takes a shot at Nash

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 8, 2012.

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  2. Fact, Piper uses the word Fact, too many times.
  3. Piper > Nash.
  4. Oh so THAT'S why they're called pipebombs
  5. Piper ftw
  6. Piper is best ever!
  7. Piper is just jelly that he isn't as tall as Nash.
  8. You must love nash don't you.
  9. Someone has to defend the guy against all of these ignorant vanilla midget worshippers
  10. I'm not vanilla though :emoji_hushed:
  11. Vanilla means dull or boring, not white.
  12. Jericho is not dull. Kevin Nash on the other hand...he isn't vanilla but sure was during his return.
  13. You are just mad Nash was pwning Punk on the stick when he came back.

    Nash could beat up Punk, Jericho, and Piper all at once
  14. :haha: omg :haha: laughing my ass of on the floor! Somebody's gotta defend somebody eh?
  15. just look at how distinguished and dignified he looks


    he would rape your soul
  16. Come at me bro
  17. Nash moved like a gazelle back when he was still young and not that far removed from playing professional basketball overseas. He was new to the business so of course he jobbed to a veteran Simmons like a gentleman should; and he made him look great.

    Bravo Nash, bravo.

    thanks for the link btw.

    also that wizard gimmick is off the charts awesome. I hope BIg Sexy returns in 2013 with that gimmick
  18. NASH, like cena has said once.

  19. Kevin Nash is a college educated man goddamit, show him some respect. Lack of a brain my ass. He's a professional basketball player on top of being a 10/10 professional wrestler, not to mention he is a fuckin movie star

    kevin nash >> your favorite jabroni midget wrestler
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