Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. What's your favorite style (toppings/crust) of pizza?

    I love french bread pizza with grilled veggies on it.
    And my fav. to get from a pizza place is banana peppers & black olives!

  2. Pepperoni/Meat Feast/Ham&Pineapple Ftw.
  3. Cheese and Tomato.
  4. Laaaandaaaan pizza.
    Cheese/tomato with chips folded in. I, however, being fat, get chicken and kebab also folded in, with stuffed cheese crust.

    £11.50. :shock:
  5. Bbq sauce, ham pineapple and bacon. Hot sauce on the side, and red pepper flakes with italian seasoning on it. Damn good.
  6. A normal ham, cheese and tomator pizza with kebab on and two sauces
  7. what two, you sweedish devil.
  8. Hot sauce and garlic :smug1:
  9. Get on skype. And also i still win.
  10. IS "Anything" AN OPTION?
  11. Just regular cheese pizza is my fave.
  12. Pizza may legitimately be the greatest thing ever. I love Fauci's extra cheese or PizzaTowne's Cheeze Pleezer (that's how they spell it I believe). Also love Domino's Six Wisconsin Cheese. Plus many other cheese pizza's (e.g. Effie's). Okay, so the greatest thing ever is cheese, but Pizza's a close second!

    Also, I love Ceaser's white garlic chicken Pizza, possibly more than their extra cheese. So that's worth noting.
  13. Supreme pizza with stuffed crust or super thin crust. :3
  14. Vegetable back in the day.
  15. lot of olives :-)
  16. Pepperoni pizza, ham&meat pizza, doner pizza..
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