Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Like it?
    Love it?
    Hate it?

    What do you like on it?
    What's your favorite place to get pizza?
    Soft or crispy?

    Discuss pizza. Its damn good. :woo1:
  2. Love it.

    What do you like on it? I usually just get a plain cheese pizza.
    What's your favorite place to get pizza? This local place a few blocks from my house. Too fucking good.
    Soft or crispy? Soft and cheesy (like D'Zs dick!) :woo1:
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  3. How could anyone not love pizza? :gusta: Soooooooooo good.

    Papa Murphy's Five Meat Stuffed. Six pounds of beef, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and ham for just $10. It's horribly unhealthy but fuck it, if there's any way to go it's from a heart attack from some delicious pizza :win:
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  4. Love it! with bacon, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and tuna.
    Lets go wild just drop everything on it!
    Im hungry as hell lol
  5. inb4 D'Z (or someone just as hip) cums in here bashing pizza :mad1:
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  6. I like it crispy. Either plain or with black olives & banana peppers. Peperoni pizza is always good though, since my husband hates veggies. haha
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  7. Too much pizza = too much poo
  8. omg how dare we enjoy pizza we're such fat rednecks who need to spend our lives eating organic spinach or some other hippie shit

    Fuck that. Any kind of pizza ftw. And tacos, too.
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  9. Meat.

    I wan't to get the meat sweats from my pizza, if I don't get the meat sweats I'm not happy. I prefer a thin crust, stuffed crust is overrated and often comes like a big ring of cheese string round the outside of your pizza, I want to try the hot dog stuff crust just to say I've eaten it, despite the fact it's very poor meat (probably chicken) and will taste disgusting.
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  10. Thin crust, extra sauce, extra cheese, and pepperoni. Simple, yet effective.
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  11. Hehe, cums.
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  12. Loooooove pizza. As much meat as I can get on it. (The name for the meatiest specialty pizzas that differ from place to place.) The only things I may add are mushrooms and black olives. Otherwise, you can keep your veggies. I just want meat and cheese. Crust I don't really care either way, but more often than not I get regular crust.

    Place? Hard to say. I like the typical chains such as Domino's, Little Caesar's and Papa John's, but I have in recent months discovered an AWESOME smaller pizza chain called Marco's. LOVE them and their pizza. Nom nom nom. Plus they have flavored pizza crusts, like Hungry Howie's does. :win:

    Of course, when ordering pizza, gotta' have cheese-bread, too. :gusta: (Keep in mind, I'm the chick who owns a pizza fabric hair-bow and two different pairs of pizza earrings.)
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  13. Sweetcorn always enhances the experience.

    I get homemade pizza from my friends mum, so I can get some MILF as a side dish.

    Both thin and crispy are nice but stone baked is the nicest.
  14. :shock:

    :fap: :fap:
  15. Speaking of stone baked pizza.... Brick Oven Pizza is nice, too, just don't get by there often enough to count it in my pizza joints. Same goes for Papa John's now, too, though.

    Ah well, I think I'd have to say Marco's is my favorite.
  16. You know I love the meat. :ksi:
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  17. Sweetcorn fucksucks. Put that on my pizza and prepare to take the consequences.
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  18. Marcos? One of them moved in over here. Haven't tried it. Friend went their once but you know that didn't lead to a straight answer. Haha.

    Been meaning to go there but they moved in next to CiCi's and their $5 All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet. :gusta: So of course I'm not going to try Marco's. :tough:
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  19. :lol1: Understand your dilemma. The first time I went to a CiCi's and actually ate there (long story), I was so pissed when after filling up on all sorts of cheap pizza awesomeness I discovered their cinnamon rolls. Holy frickin' melt-in-your-mouth yumminess. So then I was pissed and said if I had known those existed in all their yummy goodness, I would have filled up on those and THEN tackled the pizza. :haha:

    Yeah, I just recently discovered the greatness that is Marco's myself. I've been to two locations now, and they've both been great. Their pizza is phenomenal. All natural meats, etc. Yeah, don't trust your friend. Trust me instead. :ksi:

    All of that being said.... do I need to come up there and browbeat you to make you go to Marco's and try it? Just once? :haha:
  20. Love it. How can anyone hate it?

    Chicken, Pepperoni, Extra Cheese :emoji_wink:, Peppers, Bbq sauce instead of Tomato (love you Dominos)
    Domino's, the place to get pizza.
    Crispy crust, soft base.
    Deep pan.
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